Monday, November 23, 2009

Is it time yet?~ Alessandra Twilight Post

I took a deep breath and walked into the hospital. It had been twenty- four hours since I last saw Dr. Cullen. 24 hours since I had lied through my teeth to him, and persuaded him to turn me human. 24 hours since I had found out that he was a human, and not a vampire. It had also been over 48 hours since I had lost spoken to Aro. I was sure the bastard was going to call me at any given moment.

“Good morning Miss De Sismondi.” The woman said staring at me for a moment. “You can have a seat next to Seth. Dr. Cullen will see you shortly.” Jennifer, pointed to a seat next to a tall kid who looked like he was on steroids, had tan skin and short black hair. I frowned. The last time, I was able to wait in the office, and that had been a bit easier. This time I had to wait in the lobby with humans? Perhaps Dr. Cullen was testing me out. Oh well, I could live through this. I sat down next to the boy.

“Hello.” He said wasting no time, as he looked me up and down. It was then that I noticed the smell. Oh god. This was the wolf that Dr. Cullen had talked about. I jumped backwards a bit when I realized who this boy was. He grinned at me. I tried to remember the last time I met a Ware Wolf. I realized I had never met one. “Hey as long as you don’t hurt anyone, I’ll have no reason to hurt you. Relax. Kinda crazy uh? You’re like what a lot older than me, and yet you’re afraid of me.” The kid laughed. I didn’t find anything amusing. “You’re Alessandra right?”

“Yeah.” I said and leaned back into the seat. Why was I so jittery? Was I really scared? What’s the worst that could happen? Petrus could eat me for dinner? Um. I should re think about my housing arrangement with him. And shouldn’t the kid next to me frighten me more than Dr. Cullen’s so called… I started to bounce up and down in my seat. “You must be Seth.” I stated. The kid nodded his head.

“Hey, being human again isn’t anything to be scared of you know. I wont let the other vamps hurt you. It’s my job.” He said proudly. The kid’s chattering was annoying. Okay, so this kid probably wasn’t much younger than I was in appearances. In age however, I closed my eyes. Vampire turning human again. How was this even possible? Was it too late to back out of the deal now? No. I had to prove to Carlisle that I wanted to test this out. If Aro found out about it while I was human. God…. I shook my head.

Woe, Alessandra, calm down. It’s nothing. Just a stupid shot and you’ll be human for a few days until Aro finds out and sends Felix or Alec to change you back. Maybe he’ll even come himself. Yeah whatever. Was I going to be doomed to being human the rest of my days and actually grow old? How could I live life without… Jesus, Alessandra, calm down. Was I or wasn’t I a high ranking Volturi member? Aro himself considered me his sister. So what was I so afraid of? I gulped. Becoming human. Aro was sure to be angry with me for not telling him.

“Are you alright?” Seth asked, watching me like a hawk. You’re fidgeting like a scared rabbit.” I frowned. God if that kid wasn’t a ware wolf, I’d eat him for breakfast. The thought was very tempting. Thank god. Dr. Cullen finally showed up.

“Alessandra!” He said brightly walking through the hallway. Umph. I thought, but smiled sweetly at him.

“Is it ready yet?” I asked, wanting to just get this over with.

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