Monday, November 23, 2009

More Wedding Stuff!~ Alice Twilight Post

I had so many questions to ask my future sister in law. Instead of asking them all at once though, I was somehow able to contain myself and begin with the most important question about a wedding. “Okay, what colors do you want Bella?” I asked taking out the color wheel I had made and showing it to her.

“Colors?” She asked, which didn’t surprise me and I laughed. “I thought weddings had black and white colors.” I shook my head.

“You really do know nothing about weddings!” This is going to be so much fun! “ Well the bride and groom could wear black and white. But that wouldn’t be any fun. Of course the bridal gown can be the traditional white. I think Edward would want that. But the colors in the decorations should be different colors. What do you think?” Bella seemed to understand what I was saying finally and she moved the color wheel around a bit.

“What about Cobalt Blue and Silver?” Those colors were perfect and I clapped my hands. Bella laughed. “What else?” She asked.

“Table clothes, we still have to choose your dress, the rings, oh and the cake of course.”

“This is going to take a while isn’t it?”

“Just give me a chance to make this the best wedding ever!” I pleaded. She rolled her eyes. “Okay so what about a cake?” I asked.

“Alice… I dunno…” Great, she really doesn’t know anything about weddings.

“This one is perfect!” I said flipping through the cake magazine and pointing to a six layer wedding cake with ringlets and bows.

“What about putting flowers on the cake and making it silver?” Now we were talking! She did have some taste! Yay!

“ Yes, that’s perfect. Totally Edwardian!” I said happily.

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