Sunday, November 15, 2009

Sky's The Limit! And Strawberry Shortcake!

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Okay so lately all I have been posting is lyrics and crafts and stories for my post. But I haven't really said whats been going on in my life lol. Well for the record, not much. I did graduate AIU last week. I think. And I picked up an extra day at work. So now I am working five days instead of the normal four. Its taking some time for me to get used to working five days. You wouldn't think that working an extra day a week would make that much of a difference but does.

I have decided to continue my education at AIU and am going for my Bachelors. I do still need to call the school and take out another student loan. We'll see how that goes.

The other day I found out that they were revamping Strawberry Shortcake yet again! I went to the store and decided to find the new movie Strawberry Shortcake Sky's the Limit. And while I wasnt expecting it to be the movie itself was still pretty darn cute.

When we open up in the movie we are brought into a place called Bitty Berry Land. And Strawberry is riding on a motorcycle. Very different from the earlier Strawberry shortcake movies uh? A storm blows in and somehow a big rock blocks all the water from coming into Bitty Berry Land. And without water nothing can grow, so it is decided that everyone must relocate. Through a series of fun events, Strawberry and her friends, find a way to move the rock and bring water back to Bitty Berry Land. It's a cute movie.

Anyway, yesterday we went shopping for over six hours to buy presents for our shoebox for Operation Christmas Child! I hope to get the box sent out this next weekend! We didnt spend as much money as we did last year but we still bought alot of stuff. And we were at Target getting a bunch of the dollar items for kids there. This older lady was kinda looking at my sister and I like arent you too old for kiddy socks? And we told her what we were doing. She gave us three dollars to put towards the shoebox! Which we thought was awesome and did too! See people really do still care these days!

And on the way home another old lady was running across a four lane street with a dog and fell flat on her face very hard in the middle of the road. Traffic stopped and I started to go. Because the lady had some friends help her up and when I looked over at her she was bleeding! So I started to turn around but noticed that three other vehicles had stopped and pulled into the cementary where she was running too. So we kept going but I felt sooo bad for her. I hope she is okay.

well it looks like I get another full day of stuff to do. We're heading to Grand Rapids. So I'll hopefully be back later!

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