Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Time to be Human!~ Alessandra Post Twilight

"Let me give you my private number," Carlisle said, writing it down on a piece of paper. "Just in case there are any complications. I'd love to have you come back so I could run some tests, compare them with my own--"

Run test and compare them? I shook my head no. That was the last thing I wanted. Though I knew there were going to have to be test done. I was after all, part of an experiment. Though, I really did not want to go through the testing. There was a little bit of humanity left in me after all. I wasn’t completely insane. Or maybe I was. I was going through with this, becoming human again after two thousand years of being a Vampire. This was going to be a major shock. What if Aro found out before I was ready for him to find out? Would he be understanding? I was sure he would be. I was doing this for him after all. Or was I doing it for my own curiosity? I looked down at the revolting thing in my hands. The chance to be human was litterly in the palm of my hands and I stared at it. Then, I looked back up at Carlisle. I really did want to be part of a mad science project. I had no choice in the matter…

". . .of course, that's entirely up to you. You don't owe me anything. I'm just happy to help."

I smiled at him sweetly. “Thank you Dr. Cullen… Carlisle, Here is my number so you know where to reach me, should you need too. I um… Thank you. You have no idea how much this means me.” I said sincerely. What a bunch of crap Alessandra. I can’t believe you are such a good liar. Who would have thought? “I’ll call you as soon as I wake… up.” I paused. I couldn’t allow him to think I wasn’t grateful for this chance, and he had to know how sincere I was. Inwardly I screamed and kicked as I said; “I’d be happy to come back for you to run some test and compare them with your own.” I added.

“Let me get this straight.” Petrus said, his eyes wide as we walked into the house. “You want to drink this stuff, with me in the house. And without telling Aro about it?” I nodded my head. I had thought we had already discussed the Aro part. Petrus shook his head furiously. “No Alesssandra. I haven’t been around humans enough to know how I will react to them. I am still new at this. What if I kill you? Aro will have my head.”

“Yes and he will have mine for experimenting with this, without telling him.” I said desperately. “ I need someone here, a vampire. In case the Volturi come knocking before I tell them about this…” Petrus looked into my eyes for a few moments and put his hands on my shoulders.

“Alessandra, Aro is not going to have your head for this. You’re doing this for him. He’ll understand. I don’t know why you are so terrified of him. You’re just as fast as he is. I bet if anyone could take him down it would be you. Besides, all you would have to do is tell Marcus what really happened to Aro’s sister and Marcus would instantly be on your side.” I stared at Petrus. How did he know that? Was it that commonly known? I thought that only a few people knew Aro’s secret. I shrugged. It didn’t matter. Though Petrus had a point. Blackmail was a favorite of the Volturi after all. I nodded.

“I still want you here.” I stated.

“Alright, but if this ends badly because I get thirsty…”

“Just make sure that you don’t get thirsty.” I stated and walked into my bed room. I laid my coat on the chair and turned the vile in my hand for a few minutes. Petrus came and stood in the doorway. He looked at me for a moment and then shut the door to my room. Leaving me alone. I gulped, alright, if I didn’t do this now, then I wasn’t going to do it… I thought, and opened the cap on the jar, then chucked the vile tasting blood down my throat. I just about hurled it back up, before forcing it down.

Nothing happened. I sighed. Perhaps it wasn’t going to work, but Carlisle had said I was going to fall asleep and wake up as a human. Maybe I should read a book. I picked up the closet one to me. One I had stolen from Aro’s library. The Iliad by Homer was rather fitting for my situation.

Sing Goddess, the wrath of Achilles, Peleus’ son, the ruinous wrath that brought on the Achainans woes innumeberable, and hurled down into Hades….

I read several pages of The Iliad before I began to notice that my eyes were dropping, and then I felt very calm and relaxed. I could not remember when I had last felt so calm and relaxed. It was a strange sensation. I continued to read to my book. Before I knew it, I laid my head on my pillow.

35 BC: Ancient Rome, Italy

I was very hot, and very uncomfortable. There was a hard, scratchy type of wood underneath me, and a stench in the air that I was not accustomed too. My throat was dry and hot, and my head itched from not being washed. I slowly opened my eyes, to find that I was laying on the floor of what appeared to be a cage being dragged in the opened air by a few mules or horses. I couldn’t tell. There were about two dozen or so people inside this small cage with me, each one, as fifthly and dirty as the next. It looked as if we had been traveling for some time. I slowly tried to sit up, but found that I could not.

“There now, it’ll be alright.” A voice said from somewhere and strong hands helped me to my feet. “You’ve got to look strong, to be sold to a nice family.”

Sold? Sold. What was he talking about? I tried to look into the face of the voice, but all I saw was the sun’s hot beams shining in the way. I closed my eyes, feeling a headache coming on and tried to piece together what had happened.

Then, I remembered, my mother and brother were dead, and I had blood on my hands. Who was going to buy a slave who might kill their master? I slowly, forced myself to stand and saw the person who belonged to the voice who had spoken earlier. The man was tall, and thin, with brown skin, and dark, black, curly shoulder length hair. His eyes were a soft black despite the many scares he had on his body. He looked Hebrew. I shaded my eyes from the light, and looked down at my torn clothing.

“You’re not a slave.” The man stated as he took a good look at my silk clothing. I shook my head, still trying to comprehend what had happened. Then I sank back to the grown, blinded by tears. My family was gone… I had no reason to live, nothing to live for. My brother was dead, and I had blood on my hands. Suddenly the once warm world, I loved, was lost in the sea, and I felt as if I was dropped into a big, deep, black hole, I couldn’t climb out of.

“No…” I said blinded by tears once more, as I saw my father’s villa on fire, and heard my mother and brother screaming my name. “No… Please… Just… Just let them kill me…” I whispered pushing myself away from the man in front of me and up against the cold bars of the cage I was in. I buried my head in my knees, and waited for fate to take its toll on me…

From some distant land, I heard my cell phone vibrating up against the desk I had put it on before I… Before I fell asleep?! I shot up in bed and stared around my room. The colors were different. Not so bright? My senses didn’t seem as sharp as they were before. I slowly stood up and walked to the mirror. My skin was not the chalky, pale, white it had been for two thousand years. But the beautiful tan it was before I was… Blue! My eyes were blue and not red. My face was flushed and my eyes looked hazily back at me. I was… I was a human! I staggered backwards and nearly fell to the floor before grabbing the desk nearby were my cell phone was going off. Before looking to see who it was, I picked up.

“Hello?” I croaked. My voice sounded so strange to my ears.

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