Thursday, November 5, 2009

The Volturi and the human doctor~ Alessandra Twilight Post

“Look, I promise that it won’t be that bad. You just have to bring something to do. You like to read don’t you? Bring a book.” Petrus had suggested as he dropped me off at the hospital where Dr. Cullen worked. I glared at Petrus.

“Aro’s library is in Volterra.”

“Don’t you have your own books?”

“No. Aro had a vast library of interesting books. Why would I spend the money on my own books, when I could read his? And where would I find books as old as some as his anyway?”

Petrus shook his head sadly. “He really has kept you locked away for two thousand years hasn’t he? When was the last time you did something fun?”

“Fun?”I asked. “I didn’t know vampires could have fun.”

“Jane has fun when she tortures people.”

“That is because Jane is insane.”

Petrus snorted at this.”That’s an understatement.”He looked thoughtful then stepped out of the car and actually opened the door for me. He was such a gentleman in that sense. I let him help me out of the car and tried to smile sweetly at him. People were staring at us again. Let them!

“ Thank you kind sir, shall I call you when I am done?” I asked politely, to my delight, Petrus bowed. I had not been expecting that.

“Call me when you are done and I shall pick you up. “ He said smiling at a nurse walking into the hospital. She stopped dead in her tracks and stared at him. This seemed to please him. “Don’t try to kill any humans in the hospital.” Petrus said only for me to hear and I laughed.

“Don’t worry, this vampire is not going to murder anyone today.” I turned around and gracefully walked into the hospital.


Two thousand years seems like an eternity to someone who hasn’t lived that long. But when someone who has lived that long, has to wait for an hour to see a doctor; (whom they really don’t need to see) that hour seems like an eternity. I stood for the full hour. I did not feel the need to sit. No one was watching me, except the damn cameras and let the security guards watch me stand for an hour. I was a Volturi member. I had to keep some of my dignity. It did not take long for my impatience temper to grow hot. I couldn’t remember when I had to last wait for someone, and this was stupid. Only Aro would think I had to act human and wait for the doctor. Normally, I would be demanding he see me when I was ready to see him.
A second, felt like an hour, and minute felt like a day and then the hour felt longer than my two thousand years of existents felt. I had to make a note to myself to get some books or something to read in case Aro decided I need to endure the torture of having to wait for something again. I was also going to tell Petrus that waiting in a white washed hospital office, was that bad.

The hour passed uneventful, and I heard a gentle and polite rapping on the door. I wasn’t used to actually hearing someone knock on the door. When people wanted to see me, they simply saw me. No knock, no nothing. I could hear Dr. Cullen walking into the room, but something was strange about his step.

“Good morning, Miss de Sismondi, I apologize for the wait…” I blanked, that voice, wasn’t the one I recognized as Aro’s dear friend. That wasn’t the voice of a vampire. “I’m Dr. Cullen and—“ I turned around to stare at Dr. Cullen. His eye color was different. Those were contacts in his eyes. I could hear the faint beating of his heart. He smelled like a human, blood moved in his veins and I had to take a moment to keep myself from doing something rash. How in the world did Dr. Cullen, become human?

I supposed I shouldn’t have been as surprised as I was. After all, didn’t the Cullens try and live peacefully with humans? I mean, Carlisle, was a doctor after all. Once he saw me, it was clear however, that the doctor did not recognize me, and as I was not in my normal surroundings, I could understand why he might not know who I was. I also sensed a bit of fear surrounding him. Hah! I frightened the great St. Carlisle. This was pleasing.

“Well. . .” He said awkwardly. “I think it’s only fair to warn you that if you kill me, you’ll have at least six angry vampires and possibly one upset werewolf to contend with. So, you, ah, might want to facto that into your plans, whatever they may be.”

I snorted. Killing Carlisle was not on my agenda for the day, and he did not have anything to fear as long as he was around me. The werewolf surprised me a bit, yet after this, nothing was going to surprise me. How did the Cullens know a werewolf? Weren’t they extent? I shrugged.

“I’m not going to kill you.” I said holding up my hands. “If I was; you would be dead.”I stated.

“If you are not going to kill me, than why are you here?” Carlisle asked me. I smirked. If only he knew, but he didn’t know. Perhaps, I could play this to my advantage.

“I heard that there was a family of vampires who lived among the humans. I wanted to contact them. You see, I’m tired of killing humans, ( I nearly choked when I said this little lie)I… I’d like to know how you live among them. How you can live among them without wanting to hunt them. I… I’m tired of being a monster.” I tried not laugh at my own lie. This was far from the truth. But I had to say something that he would believe. I was also dressed as a human, waiting for him as a human might. Living among humans. So it was perfectly believable that I might want to live like a human again.

He stared at me for a moment. “ I do not believe that all vampires are monsters. You must know this.” He said. I ducked my head, playing my part well.

“I’d give anything to be human again.” I said out of nowhere. This wasn’t true. I didn’t want to be a human again! No, no, no! My vampire self screamed. What was I doing? But this was the only way to find out how Dr. Cullen turned into a human again. “Please, won’t you let me in on your secret?”

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