Monday, December 21, 2009

Actually got a cold. :(

Location: A Cold Bedroom
Book: The Little White Horse ( I shall Finish this book soon)
Music: Up and Away~ St. Trinians 2 Soundtrack
Mood: Sick

I have somehow managed to not get sick for almost a year and a half, and then suddenly, boom! I get sick thanks to my sister. Lol I think she gave me her cold though she denies it. Actually I think it was a combination of her cold, stress and other problems I had to face the past two weeks. What can ya do? So here I am, three days before Christmas and I still have packages to send out, a car to get fixed and cookies to make.

Yet for some reason, I really just dont wanna do any of it. Maybe I should stay in today. :)

Oooh and I did make some Christmas Cards.

Arent they pretty?

Anyway, I also finally saw the trailer for Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning's new movie The Runnaways. It doesnt show much about the movie, but I think I am still gonna try and see it.

And I finally got the soundtrack to St. Trinains 2 The Legend of Fritton's Gold. I cant wait to see that movie. :) The soundtrack is hot hot hot! I love it as much as the first.

Oh and I used a whole role of toilet paper on my nose already. Thank God for Dayquill. :(

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