Sunday, December 6, 2009

Breakfast Converstations~ Violet Tredwell: Vices and Vitures

The smell of straw and hay hit my nose as I woke up to find a scratchy surface beneath my body and that my head and back ached from having slept on the floor of my own horses’ stable. I could not believe that I had slept on the floor again. Talking to my horse seemed to sooth my soul. He was after all, next to Henry of course, my truest and dearest friend. He had been there the day of Mama’s death and the day that Emily came with her brood of children. What a dear lot of children they became too, some of my closet friends just like Starr. I rubbed my horse’s head and listened to him Nae happily, nudging me for a sugar cube.

“Silly horse, I am afraid that I haven’t any treats for you today. Yet, that is of course.” I said standing up and brushing the dirt, grime, hay and straw off my now very wrinkled muslin, silk violet dress. My stepmother always said that Violet was my color. Not just because it was my name, but also that it looked delightful on me. So I was forever being dressed in different shades of the color. Not that I minded, the color happened to be one of my favorites.

“VIOLET!” I heard a rather angry, calm, yet annoyed familiar voice call my name and I ducked, apologizing to my horse. “VIOLET TREDWELLL!” The voice yelled again in a very un lady like tone. I knew the voice to belong to the Kitchen maid. Of course she would not use a lady like tone. Our servants could hardly be expected too. I sighed and raced through the lawn and towards the large manor I lived in with my family. I stopped a few feet from where the maid was bellowing out my name, and crept as silently as a mouse up behind her. Then, clasped my hands behind my back, and taped her on the shoulder. I was very happy to see her jump like a scared rabbit.

“Yes Elisa?” I asked innocently. She swung around and looked me up and down like she might a vegetable before she was going to cut it.

“I swear child, your step mother will have my head! Look at the state of you! Get yourself inside and clean up now, and for heaven’s sake, change your dress and make yourself look presentable. Your father wants to talk to you.”

“My father? Whatever about?” I asked I wondered what was so important that he had to have Elisa call for me.

“Hurry on inside, and you shall find out.” Elisa said with an impatient sigh as she ushered me into the manor. I had but little choice to obey. She all by shoved me up to my room. Where I was undressed by my maid, washed, dressed and pressed. Then shoved back downstairs to the dining room were breakfast waited. I was on time, so I had no idea why everyone insisted on pestering me to see my father.

Any meal with my family was far from a quiet one. We were a loud family what with seven children and two adults? Life was rarely quiet in my home. My father always insisted that every one of his children right down to Baby Clara be presented at the table for meals. Baby Clara really wasn’t a baby anymore. She was five years old, but we still called her Baby Clara. Poor thing would forever more be Baby Clara.

“Father what was so important you had to have Elisa call me from my bed this morning?” Lottie my French Maid was standing up against the wall with her hands behind her back, she caught my eye as I said this and I saw her smirk. Emily must have seen the smirk and glared at me.

“ William, the girl still sleeps in the stables, are you so certain that this is a good idea?” she asked and I pouted, wishing they would tell me what this is about. I looked towards my step brother who always knew our parents secrets. He simply shook his head and gave me that funny look of his when he knew something but was not going to tell.

“Papa, please tell me what is going on.” I interrupted the suspense killing me.

“Violet, young ladies should be..”

“… Seen and not heard, yes I know, Emily, but really you get me up out of bed…”

“From the smirk on Lottie’s face, I hardly think that you were asleep in bed last night child.”

“Emily, she shall be in good hands. I raised her for ten years before I met you, and I did a fine job.” Lottie suppressed a near hysterical laugh and Emily raised her eyebrow. Now my father turned to look at my poor maid and she put a dainty finger to lip, silently laughing.

“Really mother, William and I will look after her, you know she shall be fine, and Lottie will be there. Lottie has never let my step sister fall into trouble before. “ I hated it when people talked about you as if you were not there, when it was very clear that you were right there, before their eyes.

“Will someone please…”

“Your father has decided to take you to Bath with him. “ Emily said. I stared at her.

“Bath?” I asked, I was going to leave home? Actually leave home? My father nodded his head, his eyes twinkling.

“Yes it’s high time we had a coming out party for you dear. You are seventeen. Most girls have their parties at sixteen.”


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Ah...a nice venture into the past!

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Aw I missed your comments and posts on your blogs too. :) How are you doing?