Sunday, December 6, 2009

Cold, Cold, More Cold Yay Day Off!

Location: Bedroom
Music: Bad to Di Bone~ Brick and Lace
Book: The Little White Horse
Mood: Accomplished

I really have nothing to report for the day. Except that it's cold. And there is still snow on the ground where we live. Not very much of course. Nothing like they got on the shoreline I guess. Someone said they got up to 14 inches in some places! We are however expecting a major snow storm on Wednesday which should be interesting. I hope it doesnt start till early morning so I get stuck and maybe dont have to work lol. Arent I bad? I need the money though, so at the same time I kinda hope it doesnt. I guess I dont care either way.

I'm so happy I dont have to work till one pm on Tuesday. I finally have some time to relax! Yay! Maybe get those projects done I desperately need too. And catch up on Glee as I have missed the last three episodes! I know how could I right?

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