Sunday, December 27, 2009

Crafts and Christmas!

Location" Bedroom
Music: Secret of Moonacre Soundtrack
Book: The Little White Horse
Mood: Creative
On Christmas Eve I spent the evening with Catherine and her parents and husband and my sisters. We had lots of fun as we normally do just talking and eating good home made food. I love her mom's cooking lol.

Then on Christmas day I had to work, it was okay I only worked a five hour shift which was nice compared to the normal eight hour shift. And then I went to my mom's. Yesterday I went shopping and found all the perfume I like half off. Yay!

And today I am going to my Grandma Fedewa's house for Christmas! That should be loads of fun it usually is.

Oooh and yesterday I finally posted Alice I was so proud of myself. Christmas Eve I made a lady at work who always brings in goodies a pin cushion. She really liked it. Even if I didnt think it turned out the greatest lol. Everyone said it turned out nicely.

And I joined MaryJanesFarm Sisterhood the other day I became an official FarmGirl lol. Kinda silly but I like the idea of learning how to grow my own food and I've always wanted to live on a farm with lots of land and lots of animals. So we'll see were this goes.

Today I finally made my pens I have been wanting to make forever. I saw this picture of a cool prop in Secret of Moon Acre.

And I thought, Hey I can make that. so I did. And they turned out really well. I'm so proud of them!

So yeah other than that nothing much is going on. Just been relaxing a bit. Oooh and I watched the first part of Return to Cranford last night. I love cranford and cant wait till I can find the next one some place for download. :)

Well I better get going, Gotta go see Grandma!

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