Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Inner Conflics~ Alessandra Twilight Post

As a vampire I often went through teenaged feelings. Feelings I never had as a teenager. My life then, had been perfect, so how could go through those normal rebellious teenage ways. One would think that having lived over two thousand years, I would have matured. And I did in some ways, in other ways though I did not. I supposed most of my rebellion came from the frustration of having to live forever with a vampire royal household if you could call it that. That very household could be your best friend one minute and then eat you for lunch the next. In my hand was my cell phone and on the phone was Aro’s number. I knew that I should call him. Something inside me told me to call him and tell him everything that happened but all I kept hearing was Petrus’ annoying voice saying how Aro thought of me as a sister and how I was part of the big three as he called them. I sighed and clicked off of Aro’s number.

I knew that I held a very powerful key that the Volturi would love to have. To be able to turn a vampire human again was a very easy way to kill the creature. And here I was, a human, Aro could easily send someone to kill me if he wanted too. Though I knew he wouldn’t do that. But if I gave him the antidote, he would have one powerful tool and it would make the Volturi even more unstoppable and why was I even having these inner conflictions? I sighed and kicked off my shoes and lay across my bed. I needed someone to talk too and I had no one to talk too, this was always a problem for me. When I was alive, I had my brother to talk too, and ever since his death I had found it hard to open up to someone. I could talk to Petrus, but he was Petrus. He wasn’t exactly my best friend. I turned over on the bed and flipped opened the cell phone again.

Dr. Cullen’s number popped out at me again, but I wasn’t about to call him either. I could call Jane, but then I didn’t think that was a good idea. If only there was a way to bring back that dead so that way I could talk to my long dead brother. There were so many things I wanted to tell him. I slipped off my bed and put my shoes on and walked out the door.

“ Where are you going?” My ever annoying mouse asked as I tip toed out into the livening room. I cringed and put my coat on.

“For a walk.” I stated.

“Maybe I should come?” I shook my head. Petrus sighed and went back to his book. Good pet mouse. I thought and shut the door behind me. Outside the cool air hit my face and cheeks and for the first time in some time, I felt a nice little chill. I kicked at a rock and watched it roll down the drive way. Where was I gonna go? It wasn’t like I had super natural speed anymore. I had to actually walk at a decent pace. I picked up my phone again and once again went to Dr. Cullen’s number. No, I was not going to call him.

I seriously needed something to keep my mind occupied other than thinking about Aro and whether or not I should tell him about the Antidote. Petrus and I had decided it was best not to tell him, so why was I even thinking about this? Was I Alessandra de Sismondi actually feeling guilty for tricking poor Dr. Cullen into giving me the antidote? Or was that just a bunch of inner emotions swimming around.

“Oh for the love of the gods!” I muttered in ancient Italian as one of my neighbors walked by and stared at me. “What?!” I asked in English. The man shook his head and continued walking his dumb dog, but not before he turned back to stare at me again. I glared at him and he turned back around. If only I had my red eyes, that would have scared the stupid American shitless. I thought and once again picked up my cell phone. I rolled my eyes. Sooner or later I was going to have tell St. Carlisle the truth, because eventually someone was going to figure it out especially if the rest of the Volturi decided to show up. I closed my eyes. Was I really going to comment what could sorda be called treason? I gulped, yes I was. It couldn’t really be called treason. No, this was more like revenge, and Aro didn’t need to know.

I dialed Dr. Cullen’s number, and waited. “Hello? Alessandra?” I heard him say on the other end of the phone, I had no idea why I called it the other side of the phone. It wasn’t like he was actually on the other side of my phone. I opened my eyes to stare blankly at a tree. “Alessandra, is everything alright?” He asked after my long moment of silence. I took a deep breath.

“Dr. Cullen… Carlisle… I… There’s something I probably should tell you, but not over the phone. Is there some place we can meet in private? Um… Where no one will be?”I asked digging my shoe into the dirt. There was silence on the other end of the phone for a few seconds.

“What about the hospital cafeteria. We can have a bite to eat and you can tell me what is on your mind? I doubt that anyone will be there, not this late at night.” I nodded, that was a good idea, and it wasn’t like I craved human blood anymore.

“Alright, I’ll meet you in an hour?” I asked.

“An hour sounds fine, just go right in and tell them you are meeting me.” He said.

“Alright, thanks.” I said.

“You’re welcome.” He stated and hung up. I sighed, well this was going to be interesting.

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