Friday, December 4, 2009

People be nice to your server and cook!

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Okay so today went by fairly well. I only had a few stupid costumers. Costumers, really can be pretty stupid. They walk into a place and think they own it because of Mcdonalds, we'll make it anyway you want it. So they think that every restaurant will bend to their every wish. But that is just not true. I mean, if we dont have an item, than we dont have an item and there isnt anything anyone can do about. Oh and then leave a big mess, and some people are just soo disgusting! I cant believe how disgusting and gross some people are. It's very disturbing. Especially for someone who is normally so neat and clean like myself. I am sorry but if you go into a place smelling like you havent had a shower in a month, then you really shouldnt be in that public place. Just because you like to smell yourself stinky, doesnt mean the rest of us do!

And one other thing, do not walk into a restaurant and tell your sever that the service in their company has gone down hill. That just really ticks a server off. I mean, there are two people you do not want to tick off as a costumer. The Cook, and the server. The cook makes your food and the server waits on you. Be nice people, be nice for christs sakes! Okay my rant is done for the day.

Okay, now that Joanna's rant is done lets get on with the post lol.
Today December 4th 2009 was the first snowfall of the winter! And it not only snowed here but also on the south cost too which is weird. I guess Grand Rapids got up to 8 inches of snow!

And other than work and school, I really havent been doing much. Just work and school. It takes up alot of my time lol. Actually, I've been very busy due to the holidays and a combination of work and school. I can not wait to take a vacation at the end of the month. I might even put in for holiday pay. We'll see.

Well, I better be off, to get some stuff done tonight.

Brr, its so cold!

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