Thursday, December 10, 2009

Sad Glee is at an end till April (possible episode spoilers)

Location: Bedroom
Music: Yes of course its Glee
Book: The Little White Horse ( Shall probably never finish it)
Mood: Geeky
Okay so I just watched the last episode of Glee. And yes like all the other Gleek Fans, I cried, and laughed and got goose bumps when Rachel sang Dont Rain on my Parade. And then I went aw when Emma and Will kissed at the end. I'm sad now though because there shall be no more Glee episodes until April. *pouts* I shall like all the other Gleek fans go get the first series on dvd though. So then I can watch them over and over lol.

Let's be reasonable here, I will probably not have the time to watch them over and over. But I am still gonna get buy it. I am happy that they are releasing it out on dvd so fast.

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