Saturday, December 26, 2009

Talking To Fast~ Alice~ Twilight Post

At first, I didn’t notice anything different at all. Except that the room was unusually dark, and everything was very quiet. I couldn’t hear anything. And then I heard Carlisle’s voice from somewhere far away telling me to wake up. And as if on cue, I opened my eyes! Had I been dreaming? Or was I sleeping? I guessed that sleeping and dreaming kinda went hand in hand. I sat up, and actually yawned! Wow, being human was going to be sooo strange. My vision was a bit off; things were not as crisp as they were normally and my senses seemed to be a bit muffed.

“Alice! You’re awake!” Carlisle said happily. “It’s going to be alright now!” He said giving me a hug. Woe there pops! I thought and grinned. I felt strange; yes there was a pulse in my system now and… Um that was a bit odd, I felt my stomach growl, but the thought of blood didn’t sit will. I was hungry? The food I smelled cooking in the kitchen smelled wonderful. I never thought human food would smell so good. I turned to see Jasper sleeping soundly. He looked so cute as a little human boy. I turned to Carlisle.

“It worked!” I clapped my hands.

“How do you feel?”

“A little weird, I mean, I’m hungry, and I slept! It was very peaceful, I didn’t dream at all. I was afraid that I might…”

“Dreaming is nothing to be afraid of Alice.” Carlisle said very sincerely.

“I know that. Well I mean I wasn’t afraid to dream. I don’t remember anything at all about being human. Maybe this will help.” I stated and jumped down from the bed.

“Boy am I hungry.” I stated looking expectantly up at my father. He laughed.

“Come on, Esme has leftovers.”

“Yum, I think I smelled the leftovers in my sleep. Maybe I was just thinking food. Do humans always think about food?”

“Some do.” Carlisle said laughing now at my enthusiasm.

“Well food certainly seems like a good thing. I want to try Pizza too, oooh and Hot Chocolate, and a Grilled Cheese. Some of the kids at school like those.” I rattled as we began to walk into the kitchen.

“Alice slow down, I am sure that there will be plenty of time to try new things. But remember don’t try them all at once, you don’t want to get sick.” Carlisle said being all fatherly. I smiled and patted his shoulder.

“Don’t worry Dad, I am not prone to getting sick.” I said laughing. I was so excited to be human, I couldn’t wait to try human things and the thought of eating certain foods with Jasper was just

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