Saturday, December 5, 2009

Tomorrow the World Movie Review

Last night I watched a movie called Tomorrow the World with Joan Carroll in it. The movie was made in 1944 and revolved around the war as most of the movies made at this time do.

It's about an American family who take in a relative; a little 12 year old boy from Germany who has been raised to believe in the teachings of the Nazis. It's a little disturbing at times simply do to the racist remarks. But this, once again is due to the times. Joan was excellent in one of the lead roles of Pat. She tries desperately to befriend her cousin. The only problem with the movie is you get very little insight into the characters. You have no idea if the German boy likes his American relatives or not, or if he even likes America. One minute he seems too, the next, he hates them. So as far as Character development, the movie kinda sucked at that. Though it got it's message across I think.

I think the message was basically that the Nazis are terrible which they are. But it also stated time and again that the whole German race at the time was bad because they associated themselves with the Nazis. this is I believe typical of America at the time, but really, when people think like that, than they are no different than the Nazis themselves. The movie did go to say a few times not that the whole German race was to blame. It contradicted itself alot. On a whole, I guess I liked the film. And probably would understand it better if i had lived during the time.

It was fun to see what people were like in the 40s though. Plus the movie used alot of great 1940s slang. And the clothing and sets and props were awesome.

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