Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Truth can be scary~ Alessandra: Twilight

As if I didn’t feel bad enough as it was, Carlisle decided to buy me a cheesecake and a coffee for our little chat. I knew it was meant to be a nice gesture but it really made me feel worst than I already did. This feeling was a little strange for me, I could not remember the last time I had felt remorse for any of my actions. I also did not like the idea of his wife being here, though it was nice to meet her. I had heard a good deal about the beautiful Esme from Aro of course. Aro, I cringed inwardly at the thought of my master…. Brother… creator…. Whatever he was. I looked to Esme and she stood up quietly and stooped down to kiss Carlisle. That was sweet.

“I’m going to go explore the hospital and give you two a chance to speak in private. “ She said sweetly. Carlisle patted her hand and they exchanged a quite look, than she left. For a moment, I wondered what it was like to have someone love you like that. I never had that… Well not for two thousand years. My past was a long, tragic one. I sighed, as Dr. Cullen looked at me expectantly. He was waiting for me to tell him what was on my mine, and I knew I couldn’t put this off much longer so I took a deep breath.

“I suppose I should start at the beginning.” I said quietly taking a small bite of the cheesecake. It tasted surprisingly good. I must have blinked because Carlisle smiled.

“Go on.” He said gently. I took a sip of the coffee which tasted bitter, but I was not going to say anything about that.

“I never told you anything about me… Before… Well when we first meant.” I said now toying with the cheesecake.

“We did move things rather quickly. “ Carlisle added and leaned back in his chair. I nodded, and given any other situation, I wouldn’t normally care if he knew anything about me or not, but considering everything, I felt he had the right to know.

“ I’m not as old as you might think I am… But then, I suppose that is the way it is for most vampires…” He looked at me a little warily now. I could tell he was wondering where I was going with this. In fact I was really stalling on telling him I worked for the Volturi.

“My name… My real name, the name I was born with is not Alessandra as time grew on I had to change it, to fit into society. My real name is Vestia of the de Sismondi. My father was a very famous merchant through out what is considered Ancient Rome. See, I was born in 53 BC.” I looked up from the cheesecake I had toyed with.

Carlisle sat up now, and whistled, than stared at me, and then his face turned a little pale. “You’re over two thousand years old?” He asked clearly shocked. The only known vampires that were that old were the Volturi. I nodded my head. He leaned back in his chair.

“When I was eighteen my home was raided by what you might call gang members that my father had angered. My family was killed before my eyes, my twin brother slaughtered, my father hung on a tree, my mother….” I fought back tears and shook my head. Why was I telling him this? Aro didn’t even know these things… Well I had never told him, I was sure he must have known something about me. He knew everything. He touched my hand and moved it away. I wasn’t used to being touched. In fact because of Aro, I normally avoided it. I never let Aro to touch me and he did not try too.

“I tried to run away, but I was captured and sold into slavery.” I rushed on before he could respond. “ I was sold to…” I frowned and looked up at Carlisle, I could see the sympathy on his face, I knew it was going to melt the minute I told him who I was. “ I was sold to a vampire coven, and then turned.” I said.

“Oh Alessandra, I am so sorry, that you had such a tragic ending.” Carlisle said gently. Damn the gods. I thought as the tears stung at the corner of my eyes. I lowered my eyes back to the half eaten cheesecake and the half empty coffee. I could use a glass of wine right now, I thought bitterly. A strong glass of wine the kind my father used to make when he wanted his costumers drunk.

“ Carlisle, before I tell you this, I just want you know that my actions are completely my own.” I said looking at him. Now he eyed me warily. He probably already guessed by now that I worked for the Volturi, but I was going to tell him anyway. “ The Vampire coven I was sold to was what is known today as the Volturi. Then of course it wasn’t the Volturi, it was just Aro, Marcus, Caius and the wives. Instead of the tourist that they kill today for blood, they killed slaves…. I was supposed to be dinner. But I tried throwing a knife at Aro with my mind… I’m a telekinesis, and instead of killing me, he changed me. “ I paused for breath, Carlisle as I suspected had gone white.

“ It seems that there have been more vampires than just your family living here in Forks lately.” I added quickly. “ Aro sent me along with Petrus, a new vampire I found in the streets of Volterra creating some problems, to check the situation out. He asked me to see you and wanted me to meet your family. So that I could tell him how everyone was doing. When I saw you where human it created some problems, and I knew that if I had told Aro he would have asked me to try your little antidote anyway. So I decided to try it on my own. Only now, I am having a good deal of inner emotions, and…” I clutched my hands together trying very hard not to show how frightened I really was over all this. “ I think I just got myself in over my head.” I said finally. I wasn’t going to blame him if he hated me now or wanted me dead. In fact, death probably would be a pleasant gift after two thousand years of immortally.


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