Friday, January 15, 2010

An American Girl Wild Adventure!

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Okay, I know its been a very long time since I actually posted something that wasnt a post for Panhistoria. I guess as usual its because I've been very busy lately. All i've made time for lately is Pan. Which is not good because I have a tone of other things I wanna do lol. But anyway. Lately, all I've been doing is work and school as normal. But I've been pretty tired most of the time when I get out of work so I havent done much other than posting at Pan. But I'd thought i'd give a little update anyway.

So anyway, at the beginning of the month like a good American Girl Fan I bought the newest Girl of the year books. I had bought the ones about Chrissa last year but never did read them so I was very determined to read these. And I was a bit surprised to find out how much I enjoyed them. They were fun little books. That took me two weeks to read two 100 page books lol. How sad is that?

Anyway, the first book is called Lanie and its about a nine year old little girl who loves nature and has tones of little adventures outside. The next book is following the first as normal. I wont give anything away. But it seems that along with Disney, American Girl has decided to try and help get kids outside more which I totally support. Kids should spend tones of time outside and not in front of the computer or the game systems. When I was little I was always outside playing.

Also after reading the books, you really want to go outside and have tones of little nature adventures like Lanie did. And while, I havent done that, I did go to and adopt a little baby Penguin. Yep thats right you can adopt a little penguin online. They send you a little stuff animal and a story to go along with it. And all your money goes to help that animal. Kinda cool uh?

oh and other than that, I guess there isnt much else to tell. I did buy a new cd, I thought was pretty cool. I havent really found any new pop music I like lately. But this one I did. It's called Flawz by Caitlin Crosby. Its really good. But anyway, I guess thats a good enough update for now. Cheers!

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