Friday, January 15, 2010

Breakfast with a 300 year old package~ Alessandra Post

Wearing a thick, knitted sweater, and a pair of jeans with comfy slippers, I sat at the kitchen table, eating the eggs, bacon and toast that Petrus had made for me. It was the first time I had tried anything other than cereal for Breakfast and I had to admit that I liked it. Even if, Petrus was the one who made it for me. He had even made the orange juice for me from freshly squeezed oranges.

“ I used to make this all the time when I was human for breakfast. It taste a lot better than stupid old cereal. Feel better yet?” He added. I shook my head. The room was still going in a titly whirl and my stomach turned, though it did feel a bit better and I kept hearing Carlisle’s booming voice in my head.

”You have not only brought yourself down but my family…” Blah, blah blah. Why did I suddenly feel so shitty for having tricked him into giving me that antidote? Aro would have just asked me to try it anyway. I put the fork down and pinched the brim of my nose in between my eyes. Gods, my head hurt!

“ Anyway, I know you and the Doc aren’t on exactly friendly terms anymore. So I thought I’d try and come up with a way for you to make peace with him. I mean, we’re gonna need the Cullens as much as they are going to need us in the future I think.” Wait, was Petrus actually saying that he was going to help protect the Cullens if the rest of the Volturi came? Oh right, because they’d be coming for me too, as well as him. Just what I wanted. Aro on my front doorstep. I closed my eyes. That headache just grew worst. I reached for the bottle of pain killers Carlisle had left for me and popped two in my mouth.

Yuck! Pill taking was not something I liked to do. What was it that my mother had made for me when I had a headache…?

“ Alessandra are you even listening to me?” Petrus asked, sitting back in his wooden chair. I blinked and glanced at him. “That’s what I thought.” He said rolling his eyes. “I said, I think I found a way for you to make peace with Doc so you wont have anymore nightmares.”

“How do you know about my nightmares?” I asked a bit annoyed that he knew what I was dreaming about.

“Because you talk in your sleep.” Petrus said with a little laugh. I rolled my eyes. I had forgotten that I used to talk in my sleep. My brother Vestus, always teased me about that. “Are you even…”

“Yes Petrus, go ahead and tell me about your idea.” I said to him as I might to an annoying child. He grinned and pulled something small wrapped in brown packaging out of his pocket. “Look what I found.” He said proudly and shoved the package across the table to me.

“What is it?” I asked turning it over in my hand. It was a small package. That felt somewhat heavy.

“Open it silly.” He said with a smug look on his face. I sighed. I guessed he wasn’t going to just tell me what it was. So I gently opened the packaged and stared at what was inside.

“It’s a book? I am supposed to make a peace offering with a book?”

“This is just not any book.” Petrus said pulling a very old book from I’d say the 1600’s out of the package. And opening up the front page. “His Holiness’ Prayer book!”

The inscription on the inside said to Carlisle from Abraham. 1662. I believed that was the year that Carlisle was bitten by a vampire. I stared at the tiny prayer book in silence. If there was ever a chance to make peace with Dr. Cullen, now was the time. I stared up at Petrus and smiled a bit, despite my headache. I had no idea what he went through to get this. Nor did I care really. The whole point was that he did manage to get it. I was a bit surprised that Aro didn’t have this.

“How in the world did you find this?”

“A little thing called Ebay.” Petrus said. Oh. Yeah I forgot about Ebay. Wait what was Ebay? Petrus must have read my thoughts. “It’s an online auction site.” He explained. “ I was kinda searching to see if my parents had put up any of my things and I was going to randomly buy them. I nodded. It must be hard being alive but dead and having family and friends alive that you couldn’t see. “ I had a prayer book and was searching for it when I came across this.”

“Thank you Petrus.” I said laying the over three hundred year old prayer book aside. I was going to have to make a trip to the hospital this afternoon and give Carlisle my presents. Maybe I could get some coffee from Italy and strawberries or something for him. Aw wait; I didn’t have super natural speed anymore. No more running across the world in a day and back. But Petrus did.

“What?” Petrus asked. He always knew when I wanted him.

“Could you go to Italy and bring me some Italian coffee. It is supposed to be the best and I know a doctor who loves coffee.” Petrus sighed.

“Is this for Dr. Cullen?” He asked and I nodded my head. “Promise to behave and go for a walk and drink lots of water while I am gone?” I nodded my head again like a good little girl. “Find.” He said with a long sigh.

“Thank you Petrus. I really owe you for this.” He grinned now.

“Yes you do.” He said and was out the door. I opened up the inside of the prayer book. I couldn’t wait to see the look on Carlisle’s face when I brought this to him. I only hoped he wouldn’t be angry with me anymore after this. Though, I wouldn’t blame him if he was.

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