Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Captured!~ Elektra TLT

In the early morning hours before the sun rose and the world woke from its sweet sleep, Elektra tip toed up to the statue of the Goddess Athena and offered it a sacrifice of flowers. She wasn’t sure how a goddess of war would feel about flowers, but all women liked flowers didn’t they? Athena may have been a powerful Goddess but she was still a woman. The Prophetess asked the goddess for a safe and uneventful journey to where ever it was she ended up. Though Elektra really didn’t think this would happen. She seemed to create trouble wherever she went. Then again, if her life was simple, and easy, it wouldn’t be any fun.

After she said her prayers to the Goddess, Elektra quietly said her goodbyes to Takis who was awake and worrying over her like a father might. He armed with a basket of food and a clean change of clothing along with a nice warm cloak. Takis made her promise to send a note as soon as she ended up where she was going and to tell him she was safe. After a hug and a kiss, Elektra left Assos.


Elektra had not been planning on returning to Troy. She had wanted to go in the opposite direction. However, there was something that was tugging her back to Troy and she didn’t know what it was. The only thing she could think of was Maral. When she had stayed in the temple, Maral was all Elektra could think about. Perhaps, she needed to go home and make peace with Maral’s death before she set out on a trail of unknown.

The day’s worth of travel had been uneventful for the most part. Nothing out of the ordinary happened. Elektra didn’t see anyone worth creating trouble for or too. Nor did she see anything worth stealing. The sun was setting quietly behind the Trojan walls, just as Elektra was about to reach the river. That was when she noticed them.

Greek and Trojan men, some dead, others stripping the dead, and still others stealing from the dead. This had been a battle field during the day, its grass still red with blood. Elektra took a step backwards. Maybe she should have stayed in Assos for one more day. Crossing a battlefield with Greek Soldiers was not going to be easy. She knew that these men were hungry for women, and she didn’t really blame them. Elektra had heard many horrifying stories about what the Greeks did to Trojan women they captured. Or any women they captured.

“Well. I guess you didn’t like the flowers I gave you did you?” Elektra asked Athena looking up towards the heavens. Or maybe Athena did like the flowers and this was the Goddess’s answer. She was a goddess of War after all.

Pulling out her sling shot, Elektra made a mental map of the battlefield. Trying to decipher which route would be the safest to take. It didn’t take long for her to notice a small area across the river were the road continued. If only she could get to it before the Greeks found her. Troy was looming ahead of her, and she had come too far from Assos to turn back.

Elektra took a deep breath and stepped forward. She closed her eyes. “Please Athena let me reach the other side of the river safely.” She breathed and opened her eyes. “Alright Elektra, you can do this. Just pretend like this is Troy and not a Battlefield. Stay in the shadows. Don’t go out of them.” Elektra quietly and quickly moved into the closest shadow she could find and stayed in it as far as she could. She tip toed across the field keeping out sight and almost made it to the other side.

Just as she was beginning to let her guard down, she noticed that she had happened upon a group of soldiers clustered together around a dying man. One of the Greeks thrust his sword into the man, finishing him off and putting the poor man out of misery. Elektra noticed that he was Trojan but not before his blood splattered on her.

She saw the battle through his eyes, and his last dying moments. The images of his family crossing through his mind and Troy. Elektra, gasped and sank to the ground. She hated it when she had these visions.

“Hold on!” The man with the sword bellowed to his men. “What have we here?” He asked and Elektra felt his finger under her chin lifting it up so he could see her dark eyes. She spat in his eyes. He cursed and slapped her across the face. “ooh feisty aren’t we? I like that in women. You must be Trojan.”

“Athena will curse you for that!” Elektra hollowed as he lifted her off the ground. She was still weak from the vision and did not have much fight left in her. She cursed the soldier who only laughed as he dragged her away from the dead Trojan.

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