Friday, January 15, 2010

Cheap Wine~ Alessandra Post Twilight

Wine. I wanted wine. Wine would kill this guilty feeling I had that suck way down to the bottom of my soul if I even had one. I was human now though, so I supposed I must have had one. Maybe that was were all these sudden emotions were coming from? It had been sooo long since I had felt anything like this that I didn’t know how to handle it.

So suddenly I found myself with a bottle of some kind of cheap wine. The wine tasted nothing like my father’s did. His wine was made two thousand years ago. The recipe must have changed or something, the wine was terrible. I knew it would do its job so I kept drinking, and after a while, I began to relax and then, things kinda went all fuzzy.

I found myself forgetting about the events of the day, I couldn’t remember why I had started to drink in the first place or when I started to drink for that matter. The bottle was almost gone… All I wanted was more, I took the last shot glass and stood up. Then went crashing to the floor, and hit my chin on the table and cut the bottom of my lip.

“Merda!” I cursed, trying to stand up but watch the world spin out from under me. Wow, when did that last happen? Now my lip was bleeding. Damnation! I closed my eyes, sucking on my own blood. Oooh, that hurt.

“I Remember Vividly… What that Vision Did to Me!” I sang suddenly, not remembering were I had heard the song, or the lyrics but it fit the moment. I tried to walk, and the room swayed, I think I swayed with it. Oooh, I needed my bed.

“Bible told me to forget all those who trespass against…” I sang a little off key. What was a Bible anyway? I wondered. And where had I heard that song. I found my second bottle of wine and tore the cap off. Jugged some more down and swayed. Woe that felt wonderful, shitty tasting stuff.

“Alessandra?” I heard a familiar annoying voice ask, and I turned around to see.

“I don’t give a damn if Aro wants you to…” I swayed and caught myself on the counter top. Then I giggled. When was the last time I giggled? I laughed. My words were all slurred. “Bible told me to forget…” I sang. Oh right I was telling Petrus something. “Right, I don’t care if Aro sent you to baby sit me, you can’t tell me not to drink some wine!” I said and swayed. Petrus caught me before I fell onto the counter top.

“You’ve never acted like this before…” he said. “Man, you’re fucked up! That whole ordeal with the Doc must have knocked you silly… You’re lip is bleedin’!”

Oh right Petrus was a vampire and I was human… Great, human bleeding in the house with a vampire. Petrus kept his cool, and grabbed my purse.

“Hey! That’s mine!” I said reaching for the purse, only to fall to the ground. Petrus swung around and grabbed me before I could reach it though again. He sat me on a chair. “What are you doin’ wit… My shit?” I slurred. “Guilty Pleasure ease the pain…” I added in song.


(As Petrus)
I watched in horror, as the blood dripped lazily down Alessandra’s mouth, and while it was just a little bit of blood, I could feel that need for it burn through my system right down to my teeth. I was almost itching to kill her. That wouldn’t do. Aro would kick my ass if I did that. And with the state Alessandra was in, I knew that she couldn’t be left alone. Drunk! I believed was the right word. The only person I could think of to call was Dr. Cullen.

“Yes, Alessandra?” I heard a male’s voice ask through Alessandra’s cell phone. He didn’t sound very happy to hear from her. Well, he wasn’t hearing from her exactly, it was me. So maybe that would help. I wasn’t the one who turned myself human.

“Hey, Doc.” I said trying to sound cheerfully. “It’s Petrus speaking. I know this is a little weird and all. I mean I’ve never meant you or anything. Anyway, there is something wrong with Alessandra… I think she needs some help, and she’s bleeding. You’re a doctor right? You can fix her can’t you?”

Silence. More silence. A small defeated sigh. “What street is your house on?”

“Russel Road, right on the corner of Mill Creek and Russel Road. It’s a big old farm house. You can’t miss it. On the Left hand side.” I explained. “Thanks, Doc. Just come on in, when you get here, door’s unlocked.” I added and hung up. I was finally gonna meet the Great Holy Saint Carlisle. He couldn’t be too bad if he was coming to Alessandra’s aid after she fucked up so badly. I shook my head at her. She was singing some stupid song and I bet she didn’t even realize I had called Dr. Cullen. She would soon enough and then when she woke up in the morning… That was going to be a trip in a half. It was going to be very difficult for me not to drink her blood, I clamped down hard on my teeth too keep from going at her. If she was a vamp, she’d never had bleed in the kitchen.

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