Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Faking Visions~ Elektra TLT

The whole way to the Greek camp the man fondled Elektra. He touched just about every place he could on her being and she cursed him as he did. His big slimy hands were probably filthy and had who knew how much blood on them. She kicked and screamed and bit him at first. Even cursed him in every language she knew but that didn’t work. This only seemed to fuel the man’s desire for her and she was utterly terrified of what was going to happen to her when he got her to the Greek Camp. Once inside the camp, she knew there would be no one there to save her. So at first she had hoped even prayed that some good kind old man or lady would come to her rescue. But no one did.

The closer they grew to the camp, the more desperate Elektra became to get away. The more desperate she became, the more the man held her tighter to him. Finally, he tied her wrist together and dragged her with his men hooting and hollering behind him. She was all but thrown at the edge of a tent near the side of the tent. With a circle of men surrounding her she watched in horror as the man who had captured her came closer and closer. Then, suddenly an idea came upon her.

“Stop!” She said in a commanding voice that would have to draw attention. The men continued to come at her. “I warn you do not come any closer or Athena will curse you!” She spat, glaring at the Greek solider who had kidnapped her. The man took a step backwards.

“I am a prophetess like the Princess Kassandra and I have foreseen what will happen to Troy.” She announced now. This was true, she had foreseen what would happen to Troy and it was the same thing the Princess had foreseen. Only, of course Elektra wasn’t going to tell them that.

“And what is that?” The man who seemed to be the leader of this group asked her. He was also the brute who had kidnapped her. Elektra grinned wickedly. Good, she had gotten their attention. She closed her eyes and moved around and around and around in a circle then, she stopped. Feeling a little dizzy from the effect she swayed.

“You will all perish in a rain of fire that the Trojans will bring upon you.” She announced in a frightening, echoing voice. Then she looked directly at the man who had kidnapped her. “And you will be turned into a toad for the rest of your life for kidnapping a prophetess that has been blessed by Athena.” She laughed hysterically. The man simply looked at her. Uh-oh maybe that didn’t work. Elektra took a step backwards as he advanced on her. His men however held him backwards.

“What if she is telling the truth?” One asked.

“Oh don’t be stupid. The Gods do not turn people into toads.” Another said.

“Tib?” Yet another asked the man who had captured her. Tib, what a funny name, approached her and picked her up.

“She is no more a Seer than I am.” He announced. “Honestly, you would think none of you have dealt with women.”

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