Friday, January 15, 2010

First night in the temple of Athena~ Elektra

At first, Elektra refused everything that was offered to her. She was not used to being given things without a reason, but gradually she began to understand that she was a guest in the great Temple of Athena and it was impolite to refuse such offerings. She was given a bath, one that wasn’t in a stream, but in a real bath and cleaned with scented oils of lavender and roses. Her hair was washed, combed and scented and she was given a new clean white tunic to wear. Elektra had never in her life, been treated with such respect, let alone taken care of so well.

When she was done bathing, she was showed to her room where a light meal of leftovers was ready for her, and then left alone. Not being used to having so much time on her hands, Elektra took to wandering the temple. She soon found herself in one of the great sanctuaries where a large statue of Athena stood, gently looking down on her. If she wasn’t a peasant girl and a midwife’s apprentice as a child, Elektra might have ended up a priestess of Athena.

She tried to image her life working for Athena, and then decided that she liked the freedom that Miral had given her. The life of a priestess hardly suited her. Besides, what would have happened if these people had found out about her visions? They would have probably had her thrown in the dungeon or liked up the way Princess Kassandra had been and she was not going to be locked up or thrown into a dungeon. No, it was better that Elektra pretend to be a bit crazy.

She plopped down on the floor in front of the statue and gazed up at it silently staring the goddess down. Expecting an answer of some sort, but nothing came. Of course nothing would come; the goddess was in an image of a statue that was probably dusted off by young priestess every night.

Elektra stood up, bored now, and wandered out of the hall and down another hallway. She passed a group of young priestess’, and ignored them. No sense making friends, she wouldn’t be here long.