Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Good Thief~ Elektra: TLT

After several hours of walking on the dusty road between Assos and Troy, Elektra decided to take a swim even though the temperature was low and it was very cold outside. She was however, used to swimming in cold waters. And she was very tired of being dirty, even though she was dirty most of the time. For once though, she wanted to be clean and after her long walk of half a day, she was in need of a good bath.

Shivering, Elektra crawled out of the river with her clothes all on, she was dripping wet but that didn’t matter much. She would dry off soon enough or freeze to death. Either would be fine with her. As she tip toed to the other side of the river and towards the road she noticed a pouch, a silk one filled with coins? Yes it was filled with coins! Elektra first glanced around and noticed a man in the distance taking a swim himself. She had shared the river with a naked man?! Oh well, there were probably far worst things in the river than that naked man. She watched the old man for a minute to make sure he wasn’t looking, as she was certain the pouch was his, and then she tucked it away into her own pouch. Then with a skip and a jig danced onto the dirty, dusty road.

The next few hours went by uneventful as normal. Elektra wandered back and forth on the road, making up a little annoying song on the way, she did small dances and was quiet happy to see travelers look at her as if she was crazy. She gave them the all knowing crazy look she had learned from Maral, and had completely forgotten about the pouch until she came across an old Priest of Athena sitting on a stone, and crying. This was the first time she had ever seen a grown man cry and curiosity got the better of her.

“Why, whatever is the matter, sir?” She asked coming up and sitting on the stone beside the old man. The man lifted his tear stained, blue eyes up at her.

“I’m afraid I have lost my money pouch and I don’t remember where I last put it. I thought I had put it one place, but it was not there when I came back from my bath.” He said and rubbed his eyes, like a child might. “ And it is all the money I have.” He added sadly.

Usually when Elektra stole something she felt no remorse whatsoever over the item she had stolen. Nor did she feel sorry for the person, but, at that moment, she felt a pain of regret in her stomach and felt her pouch for the one she knew now was the old man’s. She gulped and looked gently at the old man, praying to Athena that he wouldn’t call in the guards or someone else on her.

“I was in the woods earlier, and it so happened that I found a pouch. I didn’t know who’s it was.” Elektra said. “And as there was no one around, I took it. But it must have been your pouch.” Elektra pulled out the Priest’s tiny leather pouch and handed it to him.

The old man’s eyes lit up and he clasped the pouch gently in his hands, and dried his tears. “Oh my child, you have truly done a wondrous thing! Most people would not think twice about returning a pouch filled with coins to an old man who had lost it. What is your name child?” He asked, his voice very gentle and not reproaching at all.

“Elektra.” Elektra answered. “What is yours?”

“I am called Takis, and I am a priest of Athena. I live in Assos.” He replied.

“Assos!” I am traveling there, perhaps we could travel together. Two are always better than one on a long journey.”

“You are very right on that.” Takis said standing up now. “Do you have a place to stay in Assos?”

“Oooh no, I was going to start afresh there. You see my adoptive mother recently passed away…”

“I see. Well, then I believe this is why Athena has brought us together. You must come and stay in the temple, until you have gotten your barrens. I will provide for you, and you will be quite taken care of.” Elektra blinked.

“Oh I don’t want to intrude on a temple!” Elektra said, horrified at the idea of staying in a temple of Athena where the Goddess could watch her at all times.

“Nonsense, I will have it no other way.” The man said and that seemed to settle the matter. Elektra dared not argue with a priest. She had already created enough trouble today, and amended it. But to argue with a Priest, even she knew better!

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