Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Got to go home early today!

Location: Bedroom
Music: Georgiana~ Pride and Prejudice
Book: Betraying Season
Mood: Bored

Today I went into work and it was sooo slow. I only sold around $300 dollars in sales which is not good for a server. Anyway, I was the 6:30am girl which meant that I was the second one to get sent home if it was slow. And guess what! I got sent home yay! Well yay and boo. Boo because I need the money yay because I got out an hour early there are always two side effects to this.

It's supposed to get really cold tonight and tomorrow. Not even supposed to reach 20 the next two days. I need to remember to grab my boots I think before I go to work tomorrow. Hopefully my car starts and everything. Never had a problem with it before not starting. But you never know. I'm waiting for the day it doesnt start and we get a tone of snow. okay maybe I am hoping for that day secretly lol. Thats bad. I should hope for things like that.

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