Friday, January 15, 2010

A hellish Hangover~ Alessandra Post

I stood in the middle of a maze of tunnels, each one leading to another maze of tunnels, wondering which one to go down. There was a slight chill in the air as a gust of wind blew through the tunnel I was standing in front of. After the gust had gone through I noticed that there seemed to be a slight light at the end of this tunnel. Unafraid, I decided to investigate it.

The tunnel was long and narrow yet somehow familiar. The whole scene felt familiar but I couldn’t put my finger on why it was familiar. I knew I had to be dreaming. I drew to the end of the tunnel quickly and opened the door into a very familiar voyer. A secretary stood up and then after seeing me, sat back down. Where had I seen her before?

I continued to walk through the voyer and up a flight of stairs towards a two large doors. Opening them, I stood and stared about the white doomed room that Aro, Caius and Marcus spent nearly 100% of their time in.

“Alessandra.” Aro said in a welcoming voice becoming me forward and then stopped in his track and stared at me. Caius stood up from his chair in a flash of lightening speed.

“Aro, she’s…”

“Yes, human.” Aro said in wondrous voice. “Explain to me dear one how this is possible? May I?” He asked as he reached for my hand….

But before I could allow Aro to take my hand, I found myself running down a dirt path of smoke and ashes towards my father’s Villa. I could hear my mother’s faint cries for help, as I drew closer to the house. Silent tears began to stream down my face, and I stood in front of the double glass door to my family’s Villa.

Yet when I opened the door, I did not find my mother and brother dead. Instead, my mother was waiting for me with open arms. “Vestia.” She said gently, reaching for me. “Come child. Come home.” I began to walk towards her. Suddenly she began to change, and I found myself sitting in a church from the 1600s. And standing in my mother’s place was Carlisle Cullen.

“You have not only brought yourself down, but also my family, friends and myself…” He said in a loud voice that shook the room. I turned around to leave, only to find a crowd of peasants blocking my way with pitchforks and sticks of fire. They moved towards me in a menacing way and for the first time in two thousand years I was afraid for my life.

“No.” I said and backed into a pew that suddenly turned into a raging flame of fire. I screamed and shot up in bed. Sweat was pouring down my back and I felt terrible. The room didn’t spin like it did last night, but my stomach lurched, and I went to puke over the side of the bed on the floor.

I moved my hair out of my face, when I was done letting out my insides and peeked on the floor. Expecting to find a big puddle of the stuff I had just puked up. Instead, I found it neatly in a large bowl, and Petrus staring at me. I moaned. I felt like I was turning inside out. I was sweaty, hot, my head pounded and the light hurt my eyes while at the same time my stomach turned and I felt like I wanted to die. Maybe I should have let the peasants push me into the flames. I curled underneath my covers trying to ignore Petrus.

“oh no you don’t.” He said and jerked the covers away. I pulled them back over my shivering, hot, cold body. “Come on Alessandra. Doc said you shouldn’t sleep the hangover through and he’s right. You need, food, exercise and pain killers. Come on. Time to get up.” Once again, he jerked the covers away. Stubbornly, I pulled them back over my head. I wanted to stay in bed. The light hurt my eyes. Surely Petrus had hangovers when he was human. Didn’t he understand what I was going through?

Suddenly, I heard a whoosh! And I was covered in ice cold water, drenched through and I shot up in bed, glaring at Petrus who had a bucket of water dripping from it. On his face, he wore a look of pure pleasure.

“WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING?” I screamed at him slamming out of bed and brushing the water off my drenched clothing. Great it was going to take forever to clean this mess up.

“Getting you out of bed. Come on sleepy head. Time for a shower. I made you breakfast and I have something to show you downstairs.” He said lifting me up off my feet before I could resist and shoving me into the bathroom. “I’m not leaving this door until you shower.” He stated. I threw the first thing I could find which was a hair blow dryer at the door and watch it crash to the floor…

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