Friday, January 15, 2010

Homesickness and daydreams~ Vestia TLT

With her richly decorated red mantel wrapped around her thin figure, Vestia sat quietly staring out one of the many windows that adored her large apartments. The window looked out into one of the many courtyards the Trojan palace had to offer. Down below, Vestia could see her lovely, little five year old daughter playing with one of the many children who roamed the palace halls. The child was probably that of a slave or a servant given it’s clothing, but Vestia had never stopped her daughter from playing with those beneath her status. Why should the Etruscan Princess stop her daughter from playing with those who wanted to play with them because of status?

A heavy sigh escaped Vestia’s pretty, full, red, lips while she sucked on a grape. If she closed her eyes long enough, she could almost feel the Venti sun shining brightly down on her while she plucked a grape from the many rows of vineyards in her father’s palace gardens. She could see her twin brother farther down the vineyard laughing at her with is blue eyes playing tricks in the sun. And most of all she could hear music being played some place in the palace…

Suddenly a shrill of laughter brought Vestia out of her day dreams and she jolted out her day dream.

“Day dreaming again Vestia?” A vaguely familiar voice said in a teasing manner as one of Priam’s many daughters sat down near Vestia on the cushion.

“No.” Vestia lied and moved towards the window to watch Luna, the children it seemed were playing some kind of war. Each child had a sword stick, and were battling each other playfully. Vestia shook her head. This stupid war was even endangering the children’s minds with dreams of heroism and glorified battlefield deaths.

“Oh come Vestia, you know I meant no harm.” Iliona said dramatically. Vestia turned to face the young Princess.

“No , you never mean any harm.” She said crossing the length of the marble floor and towards the door. She did not want visitors today, and had forgotten to close her doors. “What do you know of leaving home to marry a strange man you never meant and to live in a foreign country that you know nothing about?” The woman simply stared at Vestia. “That is what I thought.” Vestia said quietly. “Please, just leave me alone.”
Iliona stood up and sighed. “Perhaps the reason why you have not made any friends is because you do not try.” Vestia sucked down on her tongue to keep from saying something she would regret and watched Iliona leave. “You are my sister by marriage; I only wish we were friends.” Iliona added before she walked out of Vestia’s room.

Vestia let out an irritated sigh. Why was Iliona suddenly paying her attention after all these years? She never had before. Was it because now Priam wanted to marry Vestia off to Helenus? And it was clear that the only reason why Priam wanted Vestia in the family at all was because of her dowry. Vestia shook her head. She hated the way the Trojans and the Greeks treated women like they cattle ready to be sold and handled anyway they wanted. One day, they would see things differently and perhaps then they would wish they had listened to Princess Kassandra’s warnings.

Walking back over to the window, Vestia once again watched her little one play down below her. All she wanted to do was go home. Return to her land and people and to things that made sense. In Venti when a Princess predicted something, it was taken into consideration as an omen and heeded. In Venti women were not usually treated as fragile and life was filled with amusement and fun. Here in Troy, life was much different and Vestia often pasted each day with a homesickness that seemed to just grow with time, instead of ease. There must be some way for her to go home. She just had to find it.

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