Thursday, January 7, 2010

The idea of getting a pet (Alice Twilight Post)

Being human certainly was different from being a vampire. My vision wasn’t as crisp as it was, I couldn’t glide across the wooden floor of our home the way I used too. I couldn’t hear things as clear. Colors and even sounds were different. But I loved it. I loved being human. It gave me that extra chance to be normal and not a monster. Well I didn’t think of myself as a monster just a freak. I certainly wasn’t the normal vampire. And I knew I wouldn’t be a normal human either.

Jasper leaned up against the bed in our room on the floor. He was writing out a new piece of music on his guitar. Drum, drum, drum. He went, happily in his own little world as I sat near him, with a pile of new fashion magazines, and a few other domestic magazines. I loved magazines. They opened up the human world to you. Magazines told you what people were buying, doing, eating, watching, reading, and even wearing. They were wonderful educational tools! So that was the second thing I did as a human. Nothing really changed much in my relationship with Jasper. We still had that quiet knowing with each other. We didn’t need to make out or have sex a million times the way Rose and Em did.

I mean they were still at it. And who knows how long they would be. The shaking of the bed was annoying, and even I could hear that. All logical reason told me that Rose wasn’t going to get pregnant right away. Her insides would probably take a while to um, heat up or warm up as Jasper so politely said it. He was such a Southern Gentleman.

“Jasper, I want a pet.” I said suddenly seeing a picture of a famous movie star holding a dog. I certainly didn’t want a dog. Somehow, the thought of carrying a dog everywhere I went dressing him up in ridicules little outfits didn’t sit well with me. But maybe a rabbit or a cat or I didn’t know. I just wanted a pet. I had always toyed with the idea of getting a pet of sorts. But I was always afraid that the pet might end up for dinner for one of my family members. Jasper stopped his strumming and turn to look at me.

“What kind of pet?” He asked. I shrugged. “ A dog?” I laughed and shook my head.

“No. Maybe a rabbit. You can keep bunnies inside and a bunny wouldn’t park and be annoying. Probably just wiggle his cute little nose like this.” I said wiggling my nose. Jasper laughed.

“We’ll get you a cute little bunny tomorrow. It’s too late to go out now and I don’t think anything is opened anyway.” I hugged him.

“Ohh thank you Jazz!” I said and then kissed him lightly on the lips and sat back down. See this was much better than having sex on the bed. If we were having sex on the bed, than I wouldn’t have thought of getting a cute little Peter Rabbit Bunny.

“Anything for you.” He said lightly and went back to his strumming.

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