Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Introducing Coco Cullen~ Alice Post

The one thing about being human that was driving me insane was that I could not see the future the way I could when I was human. I had no idea what my family was going to think about new addition. I had not exactly asked any of them if it was alright to bring a new member into the family. Of course I never really ever asked my family if it was alright if I did any of the things I did. They just accepted the things I did because they knew I had seen them in a vision. But now, I didn’t have those visions for reassurance.

The bunny I had caught was no bigger than the size of my hand which wasn’t very big either. I could easily tuck it inside my pocket and hide it. I smiled at Jasper.

“So what are you going to call it?” Jasper asked after we had all the gear in the jeep and were on the way home. I looked down at my new bunny. What was I going to call it. And what was it? I knew the bunny was either a female or a male. I gently turned the bunny upside down which it did not like.
“Sh.. I just want to see what you are little bunny.” I said gently petting it’s tummy as I looked. Sure enough it was a girl! So now the question was, what was I going to call her? I couldn’t just waltz into my home and introduce my bunny without her having a name.

“Alice?” Jasper pressed. The bunny was soft and white and so cute. What should I name her? Then suddenly a name popped in my head out of nowhere.

“Coco!” I said happily. I had no idea why I was naming her Coco. She looked nothing like coco. Jasper looked over at Coco and eyed her for a moment raising his eyes.

“Coco sounds good.” He said, not that he had a choice in the name or anything.

I held little Coco up in my hand and let her turn around in it. “Coco, you are now part of the Cullen family!” I said. This was a very serious matter. I had to let the little bunny know who she belonged too and that she had a family too. Jasper laughed and shook his head.

“Oh, Alice.” He said.


I kept Coco hidden in my pocket as I waltzed up the stairs and into Carlisle’s office. I never had to knock before. He always knew when I was at his door. But now that we were all human, things were a little different. I waited patiently with Jasper by my side before I heard a gentle;

“Come in.” And I stepped into the room.

“Alice!” Carlisle said with a smile as I walked into his office. He always had a smile for me.

“Hi pops!” I said taking Emmett’s word for Carlisle.

“What brings you and Jasper into my office tonight?”

“I have something to show you. Or rather, someone to show you.” I said smiling up at Jasper who laughed.

“Brace yourself Carlisle.” Jasper warned with a twinkle in his eye and winked at Carlisle.

“You have my attention Alice, what is it you want to show me?”

I held up my new bunny for Carlisle to see. He gently took the rabbit into his hands. Carlisle meet Coco Cullen!” I said with a big sappy grin on my face. Carlisle laughed and took gently petted the bunny.

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