Thursday, January 21, 2010

Jasper's Hair~ Alice Twilight

Jasper was a problem when it came to the grand functions that I loved to create. Well, he wasn’t the problem; it was his hair that was the problem. It was just everywhere and so hard to do. Vampire hair was hard to do regardless. But now that we were human, maybe I could get him to let me cut it. After all Bella’s wedding was a special occasion.

“So what is it exactly that we are going to be doing?” Jasper asked as I sat him down in a chair in the bathroom and took out a pair of scissors. He turned to stare at me.

“What, it’s for the wedding.” I explained and turned the scissors towards his hair. He caught my arm as quick as lightening.

“Alice, wait a moment.” Jasper said completely taking me by surprise. I stopped and looked down at my cute little hubby. “Just trim it. Don’t cut it.” He said turning back around and sitting up straight. I grinned.

“it’s alright, Jasper. I’ll just trim it.” I said trying not to laugh. My solider boy was afraid of a haircut it was kinda cute but I couldn’t say anything to him about it. He would only feel bad. So I just trimmed it. “There, that looks better.” I said putting some gel in his hair and smoothing it back. I loved my Jasper the way he was but sometimes like I said, his hair was just so wild. Then again, I suppose it had something to do with the fact that he had lived during the Civil War.

Jasper stood and took off the towel I had wrapped around his shoulders to keep the hair from getting onto his very expensive suit I had bought him. He turned from side to side. “Awesome!” He grinned at me in the mirror.

“Yay!” I clapped my hands and kissed him on the lips. I straightened his tie and then gently pushed him out of the bathroom. Now it was time for me to get ready and then I could go and get Bella ready for the wedding. Unless of course, Renee had gotten there first.

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