Saturday, January 23, 2010

New Things/ Old Things~ Alessandra Post

Ever since I was a child, I had this strange gift that my parents and everyone had called a gift from the gods. More or less, a gift from Vesta. I could move objects with my mind. This gift was also however, my undoing. Aro had wanted it for his purposes and had told me that it he had done me a great favor by turning me into a vampire and killing my family. I had never seen it that way and had sense, not used my gifts unless I needed them.

But this once, I decided I wanted to work on my gifts I sat on the floor of the living room. Petrus was off doing who knows what. Probably killing a hopeless, helpless human. What the fuck? Did I just say that humans were hopeless and helpless like I felt sorry for them? Since when did I feel sorry for humans? Probably since I took that antidote. I sighed.

In a circle surrounding me, were several different objects. None of these objects held any meaning to me at all. They were just objects to test… To test my gift on. Okay I was a telekinetic. And I wanted to test out my abilities now that I was a human. So I sat in the middle of my circle very quietly and focused on the object in front of me. I stared at it. At first nothing happened and I thought for sure that I had lost my touch. But then gradually, it happened. The object lifted itself up into the air and floated there. My mouth dropped.

Yep, I was a freak. I thought staring at the object floating in the air, by itself. It always took me by awe, it didn’t matter if it was doing it or not. No human being could do something like that. Of course I was an over two thousand year old human. Who could say that? The object moved around the circle very slowly as I concentrated on it and then lowered itself and sat down on in its original spot.

I stared at the object I had just moved around the circle with my mind. When I was a vampire I didn’t even have to think about the object I wanted to move. I simply had to look at it. Now that I was human, it was a bit harder and I knew I wasn’t going to be able to move a building or anything while I was human. Man, being a human sucked ass.

I frowned. No, being human gave me the chance to be someone other than what Aro wanted me to be… I sighed and let the next object float up into the air. It looked as if I still held my so called gift. So that was something. I closed my eyes while concentrating on the object and then I shoved it towards the wall as hard as I could, opened my eyes and watch it crash into the wall. Yes, I could still do that too.

Carlisle had said to try new things in order to figure out what my calling was. But what if I was too freakish to have a calling? I could move objects with my mind for god’s sake. Not many people that I knew of could do that. So what was it I could do with this gift? Not a lot. I could work for the government…. But I already did that well behind their backs anyway. Aro covered up a lot of things that happened in the Vampire world. And I was far too old to try new tricks.

I stood up and kicked the objects out of my way. There were a lot of things I had never done before. Maybe I should do some research on the internet. Or ask Petrus. Petrus was annoying though.

I reached for my laptop, and flipped it on. Not that I thought it would do me any good. But perhaps I could find something to do with myself, that would get me away from Petrus and with humans. What had I been interested in when I was human besides being a priestess and my family? I tried to reach the far corners of my memory.

I always had a profound interest in the arts and music. Modeling, Aro had loved to paint me in the renaissance and 1700s. I could paint, sing and dance very well. Two thousand years of practice helped with that. But what I wanted were lessons something. I wasn’t sure.

I knew I was supposed to start school in the fall at Forks High, but that wasn’t for a few weeks yet, and I could take some art lessons and learn modern techniques. The ones I never had a chance to learn. I found a class that took place right here in Forks and signed myself up for it. There, I was trying something new sorda. Or rather dabbing into a new project at least.

I let out a sigh and shut my laptop. Okay so the lessons didn’t start until tomorrow. But, I decided to go to the store and grab some art supplies. I didn’t have any; all of mine had been left in Volterra.

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