Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Not ready to leave~ Elektra TLT

At sunrise, Elektra tip toed out of the temple of Athena. She had left a small note with Takis explaining to him that she couldn’t stay in the temple forever, and that she felt that it was time for her to move on. She would of course write to him when she got to the next town to tell him she was safe. It was the only decent thing she could do. After all the old man had done for her.

Elektra tucked her belongings into the small leather bag she had taken from home, and with her sling shot marched down towards the town of Assos. She stayed mostly in the shadows as she wandered the small town and stole from a few of the town residents, quickly vanishing before they noticed their pouches were gone. She slipped up to a jewelry stand and slipped a few jade necklaces into her pouch, and slipped back into the shadows as fast as lightening, the man running the stand, never noticing his necklaces were gone.

After, she was done with her thieving, Elektra slipped down towards the pebble stoned beach to stare at the great ocean. She sat down on the beach and watched as the water lapped up towards her feet. The tide had just gone out and it was the best time to collect shells to trade.

When that was done, Elektra made her way back to through the town of Assos and up to the temple of Athena. She wasn’t ready to leave just yet. Takis stood outside the temple smiling as if he was waiting for her.

“I knew you would come back.” He said taking her hand in his gentle old ones.

“You did?” Elektra asked.

“Yes, the gods said so.”

“Oh.” Elektra said skeptically.

“Do not doubt the gods Elektra.” Takis said.

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