Thursday, January 7, 2010

When One Door closes another opens~ Elektra TLT

The first time Elektra felt completely alone in the world was seventeen years ago when her mother left her alone in front of the Midwife’s home. The second time Elektra felt completely alone, was when the Midwife, Maral breathed her last breath. The third time Elektra felt completely alone in the world, was when Maral’s ashes were placed in the cold, hard ground, where they would never again see the light of the day. She rubbed salty tears from her red eyes as she stared down at the freshly covered mound where Maral laid and looked up at the sun. She wondered why Apollo had to take Maral from her. Maral was the only person in the world who cared about her.

A gentle cool breeze touched Elektra’s rough, gray, wool chiton and reminded her, that now she had no were to go. She could still see Maral’s face and hear the old woman’s gentle laughter when she did something silly or stupid. Who would watch over her now? Most women were married and had children by now, so perhaps this was Apollo’s way of telling Elektra she needed to spread her wings and fly the coop. With a heavy heart and a sad sigh, Elektra gently kissed her hand and placed it on the cold ground.

“Goodbye Maral. May the gods grant you peace in the afterlife.” She said softly, standing up. Now what was she going to do? She looked towards Troy and then the road near were Maral lay. There was nothing for her in Troy but a pile of bricks she called home and that home was not going to be very pleasant without Maral there. She had a very small sum of coins, and she was sure she could either steal more or brew some fake, harmless potions to sell. She looked back to Maral’s grave. Yes, she knew her adoptive mother would not want her to linger long on the thought of her death, but to go on with her life, and make the most of it. She would leave Troy and start a new and she knew just the place to go.

The small town of Assos was a rich town, right on the harbor that made an excellent port and she had often heard of the riches that the town possessed. And unlike Troy, Assos, still had goods being shipped and traded inside its walls. Being the thief and midwife apprentice that she was, Elektra needed a place that was buzzing with life and not silent and dying because of a stupid war brought on by a woman and a man. Yes, the town of Assos, began to sound more and more like a quiet haven compared to the once powerful and wonderful city of Troy. And, if she left Troy, perhaps she wouldn’t have those frightening visions again.

At that last thought, Elektra picked up her small bundle of belongings and began to walk down the road, her arms swinging back and forth like a tiny child’s might just before they leap into a new adventure. After all, life was one great adventure that the gods may have controlled, but was still fun to play in. As Maral always said, “When the Gods close one door closes Elektra, they another one opens.” Elektra only wondered what the door she was now entering was going to be like, and hoped it was going to be as good as the one she just closed.

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