Friday, January 15, 2010

The Word Guilty!~ Alessandra Twilight Post

The word guilty was not something I was used to feeling, however, the more and the more, I talked with Carilse, the worst I felt. Normally, I wouldn’t give a damn if I had done something insanely wrong. I did insanely wrong things all the time. Drinking human blood and killing them, would have been mortifying to me two thousand years ago, but now it was just an everyday part of my life. Though, lately it wasn’t.

When Carlisle told me that I had not only brought him down with me, but also his family and the Werewolves, I felt just a little bit worst than what I was feeling. I had not meant to bring trouble to so many people. However, it was highly likely that Aro would never find out until we were all at least us now humans, were all long gone. I would be an old woman before he missed me… I shuddered at the idea of being an old woman and wrinkly, and smelly, and not able to move but with a cane. I frowned. Perhaps, I would have Petrus turn me back in a few days. That did not mean, that I wanted to go back to Volterra. The thought of Volterra just made me sick to my stomach. Or perhaps it was the cheesecake mixed with the coffee. We didn’t have cheese cake in Ancient Rome.

“As I said, for better or worse we are in this together now. I expect you will keep me updated—and forewarned,” Carlisle had amended sternly, “of any new developments. You owe me that much.” And he was right of course. I was a bit surprised that he was still willing to have anything to do with me at all. If I was in his situation, I probably would have someone kill me. And I had a lot of powerful friends… As did Carlisle it seemed. Werewolves. I wondered for a moment what Cauis would do if he knew there could be tones of werewolves all over the world yet. And that they hate the Volturi enough to destroy them? I shuddered. Yes perhaps it was better that I stayed in Forks.

“Of course.” I said and saw a gentle movement from the corner of my eye. I knew that Carlisle’s wife Esme was now in our presence. I was perhaps a little more afraid of her than I was Carlisle. I was very used to dealing with men, but it had been a long time since I dealt with a woman who held authority over me. At this point, I decided to take my leave.

“It was very nice meeting you Mrs. Cullen.” I said politely and looked at Carlisle, I knew he would tell her everything. Isn’t that what a husband and a wife do? Tell each other everything? My parents did. “ But as it’s getting very late, I should get back.” I added, and stood to leave. Esme gave me a little look that said I know you are upsetting my husband, what did you say? But before questions could be ask, I high tailed it out of the café and though I did not reach the car as fast as I normally would have, it was still pretty fast.

I was hardly surprised to see Petrus leaning up against the car. He opened the door and let me in on the passenger’s side, then after shutting it, buckled himself in on the driver’s side.

“So, how’d it go?” He asked turning the car out of the parking lot as Carlisle and Esme walked out of the hospital. I cringed.

“Carlisle took it better than I thought he would.” I said.

“I think from now on, I am keeping you under my watchful eye. Aro would kick my ass if anything happened to you.” Petrus said and I frowned. So that’s why Aro wanted Petrus to follow me around. To keep an eye on me? I didn’t need anyone to keep me safe. I had been a vampire for two thousand years and had just fine on my own. I kicked the car a bit.

“Honestly, I am over two thousand years old. I hardly need a babysitter.” I snapped glaring at him.

He laughed. “Alessandra, there are werewolves in the area. You know the kind that kill vampires. And I am pretty certain you just pissed Dr. Cullen off even if he wasn’t showing it. You’re not a vampire anymore. You’re a weak little human, who can barely lift objects anymore. And you know nothing about being human. You are going to need me more than you think.” He said sounding pleased with himself.

Wow when they say that karma kicks you in the ass, they really weren’t kidding. Karma was certainly kicking my ass tonight. I supposed I deserved it though. Next thing that would happen, would be that I would end up as Petrus’ dinner one night. I shivered. Stupid Petrus. I thought and glared at him even more. I hated it when he was right. I felt like a child who did something naughty and was being punished.

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