Tuesday, February 9, 2010

An accomplished weekand

Location: Bedroom
Music: Star Struck Soundtrack
Book: La Petite Four
Mood: Accomplished!
I had such a lovely weekend of being lazy. Actually, I got alot done! Normally when I have four days off I never get anything done that I want to get done. But this time I did. I even made some Sugar Cookies from a recipe I found on Regina Scott's website. The recipe is dating from around the early 1800s and very easy to make. The cookies are wonderful! Of course they would taste better with frosting or sugar coating. But I like them plain.

I finally finished Betraying Season by Marissa Doyle the other day, and loved it! I wish she would write a story about Ally. I always end up loving the minor characters lol.

And today we're supposed to get up to seven inches of snow! Weee possible snow day for tomorrow. Actually by tomorrow we could have ten inches. If that's the case I dont think I am going in. Even though I really need the money.

Well anyway, I'm off!

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