Saturday, February 6, 2010

Arrogant Fool~ Elektra Post

Dust picked up from the road and flew into her eyes as a strong wind began to ascend on them. Elektra glared at her what? Master? No she would never call this pathetic little Greek a Master. She laughed. So her visions were now considered an odd sense of humor? Perhaps it was her upbringing that allowed her to laugh in the face of death. Those who were killed more than likely deserved it after all. And she doubted that this man had an inkling of what it was like to live in the streets.

“Call them what you will, but you will rule the day you mocked me.” She said her dark eyes piercing and narrowed.

They were out of sight of the city and the harbor where they stood, nestled at the mouth of the hollow of a small valley. Elektra watched as the order to halt was given, and her captor stepped off his chariot, giving orders for a temporary camp to be made here, addressing the men briefly. Feigning disinterest, she listened carefully: it seemed they were planning to split the men, and let the larger portion remain here, while the rest were sent to lure the garrison away from the city. Not if I can help it, she thought, rubbing the ropes binding her wrists...

“You,” spoke the Greek leader, striding towards her. “This is your stop.” She noticed that he looked paler than he had been when they had left the beach, and his steps were unsteady on the uneven ground. He moved next to her, and reached for her arms, to pull her off the mule.

Elektra allowed the Greek Leader to lift her off the mule, that’s when the vision came again. What was it with this man? Where the Gods going to give her a vision every time he touched her? She saw the familiar smoke from the vision before, only this time the smoke was not surrounding a battle field.

Instead the smoke surrounded the Temple of Athena. The temple was on fire and she could hear cries for help from within the walls. She gasped and watched helpless as it began to burn. But then through the smoke, she noticed that Diomedes was helping the priest and priestess escape the burning temple. There was one certain priest that she noticed he saved. That was Takis. As they came towards the entry of the temple, the smoke became too thick and Elektra collapsed into Diomedes’ arms.

She felt herself being laid gently on the ground, as the Greek called the name of his scribe.

“Is she breathing?” asked the scribe’s voice.
“Yes, but her breath is shallow. It is the second time that this has happened.” He prodded her arm gently. “Come then, prophetess, what have you seen this time?”

The scribe interrupted. “You don’t think she’s faking it?”

Smoke was still surrounding her as she felt the hard ground up against her back. She could feel Diomede’s hand gentle on her arm and she tried to move away. Fearing another vision might come if he touched her. She found it hard to breath, and her vision was blurred.

“Sm… sm.. mo… smo… o.. ke.. An..nd Fir… Fire… The tem… ple…” her eyes were watering, and she felt sand in her mouth. She coughed and closed her eyes to stop the headache she felt forming.

Diomedes pulled her up, leading her limp body towards the edge of the gully. “I think our little friend is getting a bit overexcited, Ariston. Feel up to guarding her while I set the trap for her priest friends?”

“Yes, my lord.” The scribe bowed his head.

“And behave yourself, prophetess. Or else you might find that you’ve dug yourself into a hole with those claws of yours.”

By now, Elektra felt that she could breathe normally and her vision was clear. She glared at Diomede. While she knew that he would be saving the temple, he hadn’t yet. And her respect for him may have gone up a little, but not enough for her to be nice to him. She spat in his direction. And leaned herself up against a cart. She could not figure out how a man who was going to save a temple that caught on fire be such an arrogant fool.

(Written with Dio)

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