Saturday, February 6, 2010

Beginnings of a Scarp Book~ Alice Twilight

The camera flashed and another snapshot ended up in the cute little screen on my purple digital camera. Edward sent me a look. What… I started to mentally say and then remembered that he couldn’t hear my thoughts. If he could he probably would lecture me.

Something along the lines of Alice, stop taking pictures. It’s no big deal. And I in return would say. Yes it is a big deal! My best friend is now officially my sister! And we’re human! Who would have ever thought we’d be human for the day of Edward’s wedding? Which turned out exactly as I expected it would, without one mishap! Brilliant!

I was so excited that I just had to snap pictures of the whole event. After all we weren’t vampires anymore with super, powered memories. We were humans. And humans needed help remembering stuff. That’s why Americans love the idea of Scrap booking right? Well not just Americans in general. But mostly everyone. They even have scrapbooking clubs you can join and I decided that I wanted to start one here in Forks where anyone could join. It’d be a great way to meet those few people whom I already didn’t know. Which was very few indeed.

Oh this was so much fun, I was already planning the layout of Bella’s wedding scrap book. Wouldn’t it make a wonderful present sometime in the year? And Edward was going to get one too. He didn’t have a choice in the matter. I was going to capture every single moment I could. Oooh and the scrap book?

The scrap book was going to be in a white binder with a beautiful silk cover adored with pink pearls, lace and flowers. The pages were going to be created by yours truly…. And I could just see the look on Bella’s face when she received it! Her mom would be thrilled that I took so much time in making it. Maybe I’d make four of them. One for the family, one for Charlie, one for Renee, and one for Bella and Edward! Okay that was more than four. But I could get Jasper to help me. I looked over at him meaningfully. He laughed at me.

“Alice, I think that’s enough picture taking don’t you?” He asked as I snapped a photo of him.

“You can never have too many pictures and this is a very special event for all of us!” I said a mile per minute and snapped another photo of Charlie. He looked over at me and glared. Was it me, or did he not like getting his photo taken? Just to spite him, I took another one and grinned. He shook his head and turned back to talk to Carlisle. I snapped a photo of him too.
Of course during the ceremony I had not only captured pictures but also gotten Jasper to take a video of the whole thing. We were still recording as it was. This was so much fun.

“Besides, what is a wedding scrapbook without lots of pictures?” I asked with a happy grin and went back to my photo taking.

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