Monday, February 22, 2010

A change of heart~ Elektra TLT

For the second time since her capture, Elektra had been very forgotten. She stood outside of Diomedes’ hut alone in the heat of the sun listening carefully to everything the dying King had to say. She had in fact, been able to overhear much of the going ons inside the hut since the King had been taken there. She felt little sympathy at first for the dying man. She had warned him that this would happen. She had foreseen it. It wasn’t her fault that the man decided to plunder Assos. Had the thought that perhaps this was Athena’s way of punishing him for destroying her temple? She still couldn’t believe that he had destroyed it with all his talk earlier in the day about saving the people and blah blah. How could he be such a crude man to harm innocent Priests and Priestess who had nothing to do with the war at all? Let alone innocent citizens. The man was a brute and deserved to die. Though he had in a way been kind to her. She supposed, but she hadn’t had a bite to eat since her capture, nor had she been allowed to wash, or change her clothes that were now filthy and in tatters. Her Mamma would be very displeased with her.

“We may be poor child, but I will not have you running around in filthy clothing and looking like a street rat.” She had said to her once.

“But, Mamma, I am a street rat.”

“No, you are an apprentice, and shall behave as such.” The old woman had chided, and since then, Elektra had tried her best to keep up to the old woman’s standards. Oh Maral why did you have to die? She wondered staring out towards Troy. She should have left for Troy the day before, when she had tried to the first time. But perhaps it was good that she had not. Takis wouldn’t have been saved if she had not.

“You can save the dying King.” The old man’s words came back to her. She shook her head. Why should she save the life of her enemy? The man was a tyrant and a brute, he deserved to die.

Voices from the hut drifted out to where she crouched in the sand, drawing odd scenes with a stick. Most of the scenes where from the visions she had of the man. She was trying to figure something out. The whole thing just didn’t make sense. Why would the man go on and on about morals and then try and sack the temple? Something was amiss. It had to be.

“Regardless of what happens to me, you must examine how many men were killed or injured during the last battle, and make sure that every soldier who went to Assos is accounted for. If there is a group who marched there who did not return, dead or alive, find out who they were. Analyse their past, their loyalty, their motives. If there is a small group of men missing as I have described, then my suspicions are confirmed.”

Elektra blinked and stood up. She moved closer to the hut, to where Diomede’s laid so she could hear better. Suspicions of what? She wondered as Ariston voiced her wondering aloud. Good Scribe. She thought. No he wasn’t a good Scribe. He had taken treasures from the Library of Assos. Stupid Greek. Athena would have his head one day.

“That someone in this camp lit the fire that destroyed the Temple of Athena, against my orders.” He paused. “And I think I know whose gold tempted them to do it.”

Now, Elektra did a double blink, so the man didn’t set the fire that destroyed the temple. He had ordered the men to leave it alone. If Diomedes didn’t…. Then who did? She could think of several possibilities. But the point was that the man did not set the fire that destroyed the prize temple of Assos. Elektra, knew exactly what she had to do and dashed out of the camp as quick as possible.


An hour later she busted in through the doors of the Greek King’s hut out of breath and with an arm full of several herbs. Ariston turned to glare at her.

“Get out No Name!” He shouted at her as if the fact that the King’s wounds where her fault.

“No.” She said. “I can help.” One of the physicians who stood over the King, turned to look at her and held his hand on Ariston’s shoulder.

“What have you here?” He asked coming towards her and lifting the herbs out of her hands.

“The herbs that will save the man.” Elektra said simply. The physician gave her a shocked look, then nodded his head. “But we must hurry, he doesn’t have much time left.

“Tell me what we have to do.” The man said.

“First, we need to open the door, and let some air in here, its too hot. I need space to make the remedies...”

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