Monday, February 22, 2010

A Deal Made~ Elektra TLT

Elektra listened carefully as birds slowly began to chirp their songs to Apollo as he decided to finally get out of bed and rise for the day. She watched as he began his slow climb into the sky and gently put the moon to sleep. Her eyes drooped a little and she jerked herself back awake, she had stayed awake through the night to make sure that the Great Greek King was out of Hades’ reach and out of harm’s way and had little sleep if none at all through the night. But now, it seemed that her body could no longer stay awake and she slowly crawled to the floor near the fire and let Apollo gently put her to bed too.

Within minutes after she had fallen into a deep sleep she heard a sudden crash and bang and shot up on the floor only to see the very man that she had nursed back to health standing near the table. He had knocked over a pitcher of water and was watching it spill the continents out onto the floor. She moaned.

“Apollo why must you curse me today?” She asked standing up on unsteady legs herself. “I thought I told you to stay in bed.” She said firmly to Diomedes.

He gazed blandly at the pitcher, lying in a growing puddle on the floor. She noticed that his footing seemed shaky, and he swayed a little. “I am dying of thirst, girl, and you ask me to stay in bed?”

“I will not have all my hard work ruined by Hades in one day!” Elektra said staring at the man. Her face soften though and she grabbed the pitcher, dashed outside and was back with fresh water in minutes. She gently poured the great king a cup of water. “Here.” She handed him the cup and took a sip herself. So much for her much needed sleep.

The Greek looked at her wonderingly, before draining the cup. He placed it on the table, and moved back towards the bed, stumbling like a drunkard hardly as he’d reached it. Elektra rolled her eyes, but moved to his side to help roll him into bed, perhaps a little more roughly than she should have. He winced, and shut his eyes. He went quite still for a few moments, so still that Elektra thought he had fallen asleep. She was just about to tiptoe away quietly, and see if she could get some sleep herself, when his eyelids stirred. “May I know your name now, prophetess? I should like to know in whose name I should ask the gods’ favor.”

Elektra turned to face her patient and sighed. A favor from the gods would be nice. Even if it was a small favor the past several days had been a nightmare. She’d like things to settle down, a nice bath, a change of clothing and food. That wasn’t such a big favor to ask for was it? She supposed it was time that the man knew who she was. No harm could come from it now. And if it did, well then she could just run away again. “My name is Elektra.” She said sitting down on the floor a little wearily.

“When you were first dropped on my doorstep, I had a feeling that you would be useful to me,” he observed in a dry voice. He had to pause for breath, his cracked lips slightly parted. “But though you seem to have been hiding a healer’s head in that thick skull of yours, you still haven’t proved yourself a true prophetess.”
Elektra gave a snort. He still didn’t believe that she was a prophetess? Of all the stupid things in the world for him to say to her now, he would tell her that he didn’t believe her to be a true prophetess? Well good, she didn’t want him to believe it, then she sighed. Was the man really that daft?

“Let me ask you a question if I may.” She said. He waited for her to continue. “If you told a solider you captured from Troy who resented you, that you were going to use them for your own purposes because of a gift they had that the Gods bestowed on them, do you really think that they would do it? I mean, do you honestly think that man would show you the talent he posses or do you think he would do everything in his power to make you believe he had no real talent and was a fraud?”

“Sweet Hera! Slow down, girl, I can barely understand you as it is.” He watched her carefully. “I have no need for a messenger from the gods – they make their intentions clearer to me every day. But I believe I may have a further use for you that does not involve giving you to any of my soldiers as a plaything. For all your mutinous intentions, I do owe you a debt, and the gods will not allow me to forget it.”

Elektra stared at him for a moment then flashed him a grin. Well that felt good to have a great king owe her a dept and he was right. He did owe her a debt because she saved his life. Athena smiled on her today while Apollo frowned, hah. Women needed to stick together. “Do you really think that if you gave me away as a plaything that I would stick around? I could escape right now if I wanted too.”

Diomedes laughed. “I applaud your spirit, prophetess...which is why I have decided to place you in a position of trust, perhaps against my better judgment. But I think you will be well-suited to my purposes. So, girl, have you ever thought of yourself as a spy?”

A spy? Elektra knew she would certainly make a good spy. She knew the streets and its rats very well. But she could never betray her own people like that no matter how much they teased and taunted her. Besides that could also be considered treason and she could end up in up in a worst position than what she was in now.

“You cannot ask me to spy on my own people.” She said shaking her head.

She could detect the glimmer of a laugh at her expense in his eyes. “At what point did I say that I was going to send you to spy on Trojans, hmm? No doubt you will have to learn firstly to listen more carefully, and secondly not to jump to conclusions! You are of far greater use to me here, in this camp.”

Chided, Elektra stood silent for a few moments a bit stunned at the request she now had received from Diomedes. He wanted her to spy in his own camp against his own people? Hah! That she could do, and yes he was right, she supposed. Maral had told her time and time again that she needed to listen more carefully and to stop jumping to conclusions. She smirked a little.

“You want me to spy on your own men?” She asked, still a bit perplexed. “Even the bastard that kidnapped me?” Now her dark eyes lit up slightly.

He seemed amused. “Truly, little prophetess, I did not think you would be so receptive to the idea...perhaps now there will be no need for the payment I was considering...”

“What payment?” Elektra asked suddenly, her eyes bright with curiosity. “Would… It include a new dress, a bath and some food?” Elektra had decided to remind the man that she was human, and there were just a few things that she desperately needed, like food, clothing and a bath. “My Mamma, would be very displeased with my um…” She sent him a little look.

He laughed at her bluntness. “Naturally. And might a little gold tempt you too? Or are you the sort of rare creature who cannot be swayed by monetary bribes?”

Bribes in the form of gold? As long as the bribe didn’t consist of her betraying Troy why not? Surly the Gods would not be displeased to see their little street rat consider a few gold coins for whatever it was she wanted to buy? She never had coins that were her own before. “ Oh A few gold coins would do, but normally I do not give sway to gold. I steal what I want, when I want it.” She flashed him a smile. Then she noticed that he looked as tired as she felt.

“You need to get some more sleep. I will not have Hades take you into the underworld after all my hard work because of lack of sleep.” She said gently.

Diomedes rolled his eyes, it was clear he didn’t like taking orders from a rift raft girl like Elektra. “Fine, but starting tomorrow, I will give the orders.” Elektra laughed and shook her head.

“That’s what you think, you silly little king.” She muttered under her breath so he couldn’t hear her.

(Written in full with Diomedes)

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