Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Escape Mission!~ Elektra TLT Post

From a good distance from the city, where she had been left, unattended by the very men who had kidnapped her, Elektra watched in pure horror as the city of Assus, slowly crumbled under the mighty Greeks. The city was ill prepared for a battle that much was obvious, let alone a battle from the Greeks. Though, Assus should have been preparing for such a battle. The city was one of the only ports near Troy that had not been sacked and ruined yet.

Elektra could hear the screams from within the city walls and the cries for help as she herself sat helpless bound by ropes in front of a cart on the grown where she had been left. Stupid Greeks. She thought bitterly. All she needed was a sharp object, and she could be free! A stone an arrowhead, anything. She scanned the grown for anything they may have left behind and found a smooth carved arrowhead. Men were always careless about things like this. Athena must surely be on her side today.

The captive woman scooted the few feet to where the arrow head lay and then slowly, dipped her body towards the grown so her hands could reach it. Without much difficulty, the arrow head slipped into her small hands. Hah! Take that silly Greek King! She thought. Didn’t he know she was raised on the streets and could get herself out of any sticky situation? And she was going to be damned if she let the Greeks raid the temple of Athena. Perhaps the Goddess would forgive her for offering flowers to her, if she saved the Temple and the High Priest?

A few minutes after retrieving the arrow head, Elektra had cut the ropes that bound her wrist and stood up, to brush the dirt off her stained clothing. She would kill for a bath and a decent dress; some food would be nice too. She thought rubbing the raw spots on her thin wrist. There was no use wishing for things she wasn’t going to get any time soon. She had a mission! Elektra climbed into the wagon hoping to find some sort of weapon. She found it!

On the corner of the wagon lay her sling shot! Yes, Athena must be on her side today. She jumped down off the wagon, and gathered a few stones. Then, made her way towards the Temple with a rescue mission in her head. Even though she saw the Greek King saving her friends, she could not believe that such an cold hearted beast would do such a thing. And if she wasn’t able to save the temple, perhaps she could at least save the priest’s life who was so kind to her.

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