Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Its just a bad dream~ Alessandra Post Twilight

At least Carlisle did not look at me with pure shock when I mentioned that the Gods slept with each other. To any learned man, this would be common knowledge. Well any learned man that knew of the Ancient Gods. I wasn’t sure what kind of Gods existed now. I knew so little of the religion of the modern world. Though, Aro mentioned Saints and Jesus, the Bible. I never cared to research them. I looked longingly over at the scrolls I had been reading before I was so rudely interrupted by Aro’s attempt to make Carlisle and I a ‘couple’.

“Yes, religion was very different in those days.” Carlisle continued to say, where I had left off. “With very little morals or understanding of-“He trailed off as if he did not want to offend me.

“We had morals. Well, they were different from the ones I assume you carry. I was going to be one of the Virgin Vestals. It was a great under to be chosen. I had not yet taken my vows before…” I cleared my throat. Before Aro had so cruelly turned my world upside down and taken everything that mattered from me. I sighed and looked out the window. If I looked just right, I could see Rome and the temple of Vesta. I was just day dreaming though. The temple of Vesta and the Rome I knew was in ruins for the most part.

Carlisle nodded his head. “I was going to be Priest.” He stated and looked at him. This I could see. Though, he did not sound thrilled about becoming a Priest. “Perhaps things turned out for the best.” He added thoughtfully. I shook my head.

“Perhaps for you, they did.” I whispered. “For me, I like to think of this as a long bad dream, that one day I may wake up from and find myself in the heavens with my brother and family. I doubt that will happen for a long time. At the moment, Aro is very taken with me as he was two thousand years ago. Nothing has changed in that. Did you know that those scrolls are from the Ancient Temple of Vesta?” I asked. I watched as the ancient leafed crown Carlisle had placed on my box, lifted itself up and place itself on a cushion.

“No, I did not.” Carlisle said with a little interest.

“Can you read Latin?” I asked, letting a scroll lazily drift into his direction. He gently took hold of it.

“Of course.” He said smiling.

“You may read them if you like. I doubt your colleges taught you the teachings that I was taught.” I said. “And they’ll give you something to do. I am afraid I made a nasty enemy right now out of Sully.” I added and sighed. I had not spoken kindly to her. Not that I had ever.

“You were only trying to save me from her clutches.” Carlisle spoke unraveling the scroll. I laughed at this. It was true; I had no other reasons for making her even more jealous of me than she was.

“I often wondered why Aro married her. He doesn’t seem very interested in her. Maybe he was at one point. If he was though, it was probably for power of some sort. He loves power.” I sighed.

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