Monday, February 22, 2010

A La Vestia’s Villa (Alessandra Twilight Post)

Petrus dragged in the last of my things from Volterra, he had some how managed to make several trips in the past several days to Volterra without Aro knowing that he was even there. My home in Forks was going to look much like my rooms had look in Volterra. I had of course made sure this was alright with Petrus before I had sent him off. I think he understood. These things were the only things I had to link me to my past. To my human memories. My family, my parents, and my brother and sister. I knew I had a big sappy grin on my face. I normally did not grin.

“Shit, if I knew this is all it took to make you happy, I would have gone back to Volterra and gotten all your crap for you a long time ago.”

“Oh shut up.” I said dragging a box into the living room where the tv was on. I had no idea what channel it was on, I had just flipped it on for noise. For some reason, the quite had been bothering me. It had never bothered me before, it could have just been one of those human things I guess.

“So, how did you get all this stuff anyway? It looks authentic. “

“It is authentic.” I said softly, un wrapping a the wooden box, and opening it. Inside was a set of books, and scrolls. My journals.

“Oh right, you’re….”
“Two thousand years old?” I said turning to face him. He looked very hot in that leather jacket of his, with his hair down and un combed and why was I thinking this? I stared at him for a moment and he gently lifted my chin up.

“I like your blue eyes.” He said gently. Then cleared his throat. “Anyway, I think I got most of your stuff. How do you want it arranged.”

Gods, did he have to do that thing where he looked into my eyes? I mean yeah his red eyes where sorta unsettling, but that was due to the fact that I was now human? I cleared my throat and turned back to the box, and pulled out a scroll.

“How old is that?”

“Petrus will you stop asking me how old things are? And just help me with these boxes?” I asked.

“Sure.” He said. “Shouldn’t you be getting lunch or something?” He asked suddenly and I nearly dropped the box.

“Lunch? Oh. I suppose.” I answered.

“Whats wrong?” He asked turning back around.

“Everything I eat taste different, like there is no taste. Like, how it was…”

“When you were a vampire.” He stated. I nodded my head. “So do you know what it is then?” I shook my head.

“I called Carlisle.” I shrugged. “He’ll call me when he wants to talk to me.” I answered. “In the meantime, I want to create A La Vestia’s Villa, in Forks Washington.”

“French and Italian mixed with a bit of English. Nice.” Petrus laughed.

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