Thursday, February 25, 2010

Lessons from Robin Hood~ Alessandra Twilight

I sat quietly watching a movie with Petrus all wrapped up in a heavy quilt, lying on the sofa. I also had a bucket of buttery popcorn and a can of soda on the coffee table in front of the sofa. Petrus had insisted that I eat Popcorn and drink soda with the movie; he said it was only traditional. And even though he couldn’t taste the stuff, he also had his own share of popcorn and soda. The food tasted very bland to me. But I had to eat something, so I might as well eat something that was considerably bad for me.

I watched as Robin Hood fought Little John with a staff and was shoved into the river; did they really think that this was entertainment? I mean, I could have done a better dance move than that. And fighting scenes in the movie where lame. I took Petrus down in an alley with nothing but witty words. I had fought a dozen centurion Roman Soldiers single handed and lost, but that was beside the point. The only reason why I had lost was because of Aro. He had been so determined to capture me. But here I was watching a lame movie of a man named Robin Hood whom supposedly was a real man. Of course I remembered no such man from the time period. Though I had been locked away by Aro at that point. Forever bound to my chambers. I did remember reading about King Richard and the Crusades.

The Crusades where another part of history I never understood and who was Allah? Well, Carlisle had said I should try and broaden my horizons, and to learn new things. So I supposed, my next quest was to take a trip to the Forks Library and borrow some books on Allah, the Crusades, this Robin Hood and King Richard. I had no idea how far I was going to get with my research, but it could prove to be fun. I steadied the archery skills that Kevin Costner used in the movie and grinned. Those weren’t real skills at all just fancy imagery done by the director. I could shoot a bow and arrow… I could use a sword. I had been able to do these things in Rome.

“Why do you find this movie so entertaining?” I asked looking at Petrus.

“It’s a classic legend.” Petrus said, his eyes on the screen.

“I lived in this time period, believe you me, it is no classic legend, I don’t remember hearing of a Robin Hood.”

“That is because he was in England.”

“No, it is because he was irrelevant at the time.”

“Yes, I suppose he was, though you cant tell me that Aro wouldn’t be interested in a man like Robin Hood.”
I shook my head. Why would Aro want a man who stole from the rich and gave to the poor for the Volturi Guard? Petrus knew nothing of Volterra. Even if he claimed to have all the knowledge in the world.

“He gets the glory of killing the bad guy, becoming the hero, and he gets the girl. Why cant my life be like that?”

“Because you aren’t Robin Hood.” I stated laughing as I turned back to the movie.

“No but I could be.”

“You’re an idiot.”

“Why because I want to feed the poor by stealing from the rich?”

“No because you’re a vampire.”

“St. Carlisle, gives his free time away to the humans and he is known in Volterra for it, why cant I do that?”

“His name is Carlisle, not St. Carlisle.”I corrected him.

“Well, Dr. St. Carlisle Cullen, is a Doctor, so why cant I still live among the civilized humans instead of the Volturi?”

“Petrus, his name is Carlisle. And how would you go about blending into society without wanting a snack every time you walked into a room?”

“The way I am doing it right now.”

“Point taken.”

“So, why couldn’t I be Robin Hood?”

“Petrus, if rich people suddenly starting dying for no reason, Aro would figure out that it was a vampire, and then you would be breaking the code of the secrecy because, the humans would begin to flip out. And if they flipped out over a dozen rich people being murdered, Aro would have you torn apart and your pieces thrown into a pit of fire.” Petrus moved the neck of his turtleneck and stared at me for a moment.

“Alright, so no mass murders of rich people, but maybe I could kill a few bad rich people and donate the money. It wouldn’t be all in the same area or anything.” I rolled my eyes, he wasn’t gonna give this up.

“If you have to kill them, kill the ones who hurt the human race and do it in a way that Aro wont know it was a vampire.” I said, thanks Robin Hood you’re a lot of trouble for a man who isn’t even alive today. I muttered silently. Now I was going to have to keep a watch over Petrus to make sure the stupid ass didn’t do anything that would catch the Volturi’s eyes. I was trying to keep a low profile here!

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