Sunday, February 7, 2010

A Sticky Situation~ Virginia V&V

It had taken her a few days, but Virginia had now returned to London and the noise and smell of the city was something she was not used. Had she really become a country bumpkin in that the time she had lived with her Grandmother and Father? She shuddered. That man couldn’t be her father. She knocked on her mother’s door.

From within the house she could hear her mother walking down the stairway and into the front of the house. Yes her mother had obtained an actual residence since she had been away. Perhaps her mother was growing up too. After all she did make enough to have her own place.

“Virginia!” The older woman exclaimed completely surprised. “I thought you were in Bath! Oh never mind that, you’re here and you look positively dreadful. Come in child.” She said and gently brought her daughter into her warm, loving arms.

“Mama, I couldn’t stay in that house. They wanted me to be a lady.” Maria gently stood back still holding her daughter and looked into her blue eyes.

“Yes my dear, I dare say they did and you must go back.” Virginia blinked, had her mother just said she wanted her to go back to Bath? All she had wanted was to be in her mother’s arms and safe again and instead she was telling her…?

“But… But…”

“Now, no buts Virginia. I’ll take you back this time myself. Your father is a very rich man and is going to make you his heir. But you must go back in order for that to happen.”

“But I don’t want to go back. I don’t belong there. I don’t want to inherit that money.” Virginia watched as her mother’s large eyes grew wide.

“You do not want to inherit John Hopwell’s legacy?” she sounded as shocked as she looked.

“Mama, I’m not from that society, I’m not from their world. I know nothing about that life and I don’t fit in. They… They made fun of me and his sister is horrible!”

“Oh yes, that she is horrible. Alright, dear, we’ll talk about this later.” Maria said. “Right now I need to think. Come along. Let’s get you a bath and settled in.”

Virginia watched the back of her mother as she approached the stairs. Why did she sound as if she was disappointed in her? It was Maria’s fault that Virginia was not raised in the Aristocratic Society. Not Virginia’s. Surely of all the people in the world, her own mother would understand. Then again, her mother had never really understood Virginia. Maria had not wanted a child but could never bring herself to give the girl up and Virginia knew it. Why had she run away to come home? She looked back at the door. It was only a few feet away. And she could easily go home.

No, she was here. She might as well stay and talk things over with Nib to see what he thought of the situation at hand.

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