Monday, February 22, 2010

Sway me to the Beat

Jasper stood in my arms, as we moved to the beat of the music, I loved dancing with him, he twirled me around and leaned me down towards the grown. How he made my heart go flutter when he stared into my eyes with his blue ones. He pulled me back up towards his chest and did a two step dance with me, swinging me around our spacious room. The beat of the music flowing through the floors, giving us a nice little rhythm to dance too. He moved me backwards and then forwards, twirled me and let me go as I spinned on the floor, I reached out for him and he pulled me into him. I laughed as leaned me back towards the grown and kissed me. He lifted me up into his arms and danced around in a circle, then swung me underneath him and back up again. He was my Danny in Grease and my Phantom in the Phantom of the Opera. No one could ever compare to Jasper and to think that now we were going to have a human life together!

He gently slowed the dancing down as we danced towards the end of the song, and then he kissed me passionately once again. I smiled up into his big eyes. He was always going to be mine and no one was ever going to take his place. I thought brushing his thick, curly hair backwards.

“At least tonight, I won’t have to worry about killing all those kids.” He said quietly.

“Aw, Jazz, you never would have hurt those kids to begin with. Some of them are very nice.” I gently responded.

“Have you had any visions since we became human?”

“No, I would have told you if I had. Though I must have had them as a human, why else would my parents have sent me to that place?” I asked.

“As far as I can tell, I have not been able to make a room of people nice and calm like I could before. I suppose that we haven’t really been human long enough to figure out what our talents are.”

“It has not been that long since we were vampires.” I admitted. Then, I glanced at the time and realized that we had a major town party to go too and I was about to perform in Grease! Luckily, I knew all the lines by heart and wasn’t nervous at all. I danced over to the closet to get my costume. “I can’t believe I forgot what time it was!” I said.

“Oh the party and the musical! Mike would kill you if you didn’t show up!”

“I know, I can see the look on his cute little human face.” I said laughing as I pictured the shocked look on Mike Newton’s face if I didn’t show up.

“Summer Lovin… Happen so fast…” I sang and did a little dance twirling around with the poodle skirt held up to me. Jasper laughed.

“Like did he have a car…” He said catching me.

“He showed up… Splashing around….”

“Come on, let’s get you ready Sandy.”


After I was dressed in the pink plaid skirt and blouse with a light pink sweater, my hair done as best as I could in a 50s style, sometimes having short hair wasn’t convenient at all. I laughed as I twirled around I forgot how much I had loved twirling in those dresses. The pink shoes to match the outfit. I looked so innocent. Nothing like a vampire at all. I grinned. Tonight was going to be soo much fun!

“Hey Jasper?” I asked jumping into his car.


“Can we go bowling tomorrow night?”

“Sure why not.” He said.

“Just the two of us?”

He laughed. “Just the two of us. Not sure if Em will be happy about being left out, maybe we better invite him and Rose along and Carlisle and Emse?” I pouted. “It’d be a fun family outing.”

“Well, the entire family won’t be here. Edward and Bella are on Esme’s Island.” I added.

“Alright, we can go bowling just the two of us, but don’t be surprised if we end up with company.” He said.

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