Thursday, February 11, 2010

Tastless Food~ Alessandra Post Twilight

I sat there staring at the computer. Yes my laptop. Petrus the little devil that he was; was not home. No, he had decided to go out. Well, rather I had sent him out to get all the stupid teen fashion magazines in the area that were available. Not that I wanted them, no it was because I needed them. I had to be in style when I went to Forks High School. Gods, was I really going back to school? School felt like ages ago and in my time, girls didn’t really go to school. We were taught at home, or in the temples. Temples. Hah I bet that very few teenagers in Forks knew what the temple of Vesta was let alone where. Sure they knew about Apollo and Athena, but that was because they were the main gods that everyone knew about. Even we Romans knew about them. Of course we had stolen our Gods from the Greeks. Or so the history teachers like to tell everyone. I like to think of things differently. See, the way I see it, is that we didn’t steal the gods from the Greeks. No, we merely renamed them. There wasn’t anything wrong with that was there? I mean humans renamed things all the time. Half the cities in England were renamed from their original names. And even I had renamed myself. Well, I had reasoned that no mother would name their child Vestia during Crusades. So Alessandra, became my name and I added the de to make it more modern. Vestia of the Sismondi just wasn’t proper anymore. No, Alessandra de Sismondi fit much better. Besides, I was hardly the Vestia I had been two thousand years ago.

I scanned the website I was on, trying to decipher what the latest fashion styles were in today’s world. When I was a teenager, girls didn’t wear pants let alone t-shirts. I couldn’t imagined what my mother would think if I had walked into her home wearing such things. She probably would have fainted. My mother had been prone to fainting when things were a bit strange for her. Which was another thing women simply were not given to doing lately. Or so I had noticed. If they did, poor Dr. Cullen’s office would be swamped all the time. Although I am sure the women who would be pretending to be sick, would enjoy swarming his office. Of course from my understandings, they already did this, so maybe women swarming his office, wasn’t anything new to him? I wondered what Esme felt about that. She really had been a lovely woman. And I was going to do everything I could do to keep Aro from knowing our secret. I was not going to put his family in danger if I could help it.

But back to my problem, I needed to find out what the teenagers were wearing these days because school was starting soon and Aro wanted to know who the vampires were that were attending the school as teenagers besides the Cullens. I mean I really couldn’t waltz into Forks wearing my Volturi Robes, nor could I really walk into Forks wearing an Ancient Roman Dress. I might be able to get away with wearing my jewelry though that was completely out of the question. My jewelry was from the time period. I was not going to have it stolen or lose it during my High School adventures. Since I had arrived in America, I had tried to style myself as more of an adult than a teenager, though I suppose I should have been styling myself as a teenager now that I thought about it. So what was in?

From the website, I was on, something called Teen Vogue, it looked as if everything was pretty much in style, I had a wide range of things to choose from. Did I want to be stylish, or did I want layers? Did I want to be elegant, or classic? Vintage, or eeew, eighties? I frowned, and looked down at the outfit I was wearing.

Comfy pants, a tshirt and a pair of colorful socks, because I thought they were interesting. My thick curly hair was down, I wondered if I should try pick tails to myself look younger? Maybe braids. I hadn’t worn those in years. All this thinking about fashion was making me hungry.

I wandered over to the kitchen and went hunting for a snack. Not the hunting I had been used too of course, humans on a general rule, didn’t eat each other unless they were called what? Oh it didn’t matter. I found box of Pepperidge Farm Cheese Crisp, and poured myself a glass of sweet tea. A yummy healthy snack for my researching, I went back to my computer and bit down on a cheese crisp. That was strange, it tasted rather bland from the normal cheesy taste. Maybe it was just me. I took a sip of the tea. That tasted strange too. I went to the kitchen and tried some blueberries, those tasted bland; I tried some sliced ham, that tasted bland. Everything I tried, did not taste good at all. I looked at the laptop, and back down at my snack. I walked back over to my laptop.

This wasn’t a good sign. Perhaps it’s one of those side effects, Dr. Cullen had asked about? I felt tears of frustration sting my eyes for some reason and took another bite, yes that tasted very bland, as if it had almost no taste at all. I took another sip of tea, nothing. Just tasteless gruel. I sighed. I hadn’t talked to Carlisle in a few days, and I needed to call him anyway.

I flipped opened my cell phone and dialed Carlisle’s number. I waited, and was rather surprised when he didn’t pick up. But I let the answer machine come up.

“I’m sure I must be the last person you want to talk too right now,” I said trying to sound more confidante than I was. “But, I seem to have a slight problem, everything I’ve tasted in the past few minutes, have tasted well, like they did when I tried food as a vampire. There is very little taste to any of the foods I’ve tried, if any at all. Anyway, could you please call me, when you get a spare moment?” I hung the phone up and stared at the computer, suddenly, uninterested in fashion. Screw it; I’d just wear the things I had bought in Italy. After all, I had researched what teens were wearing there too, and Italian clothing was better than American Clothing anyway. We had over three thousand years on America as far as the clothing industry went.

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