Monday, February 22, 2010

Uncertain~ Elektra TLT

“Takis!” Elektra cried as she gently pulled the old Priest away from the falling Greek King, She watched as he began to hit the ground. “You Bastard!... You… Stupid fool! Anyone would know better than to burn a temple of the gods, especially the goddess of War!” She cried! She hadn’t really thought that Diomedes would do such a thing. Not with all his talk earlier about treating the people fairly and blah, blah, blah. But here was Takis…. Yet he had been rescued by Diomedes. She watched as two soldiers, she didn’t know their names, came and carried the weak King away.


Elektra sat in the back of a wagon, the one that was behind the one with Diomedes. The Greek King had not awoken since had had collapsed to the grown in front of the temple. Well, good riddance. Ekeltra thought, perhaps the idiot was getting what he deserved, he had killed many, many people, yet he had spared her friend. She turned to face Takis. Who was watching her with a gentle eye, unlike her captor who was glaring at her. The one physician that had been brought along to help with the wounded could do nothing for the king’s pain.

“Elektra! Takis spoke very gently only so she could hear. She turned to face the High Priest. “You know that he will die unless you help him.” Elektra blinked. Had she heard the old man right? He wanted her to help the very man who was their enemy? She frowned.

“Why should I help >i>him? She asked not at all too kindly either. Takis shook his head.

“He has been kind to you has he not?” Elektra snorted.

“If kindness is kidnapping an innocent girl…” Now the old man snorted.

“Innocent?” He asked.

“Well… I’m 16. I should be innocent.” She pointed out. “He has hardly been kind to me Takis.”

“But he has not harmed you in anyway.” It was more of a statement.

“Yet.” Elektra added. “Yet, I am still his captive, or had you not noticed?”

“Elektra.” Takis said in a firm voice. Her eyes meant his with a fierce glare. “Elektra, the man saved my life, and that of many of the priestess and priests who had been locked inside the temple. I believe that he did not start that fire. He had promised us that we would be safe.”

“He’s a tyrant!” Elektra said. “All Greeks are. Look at what they have done to Troy and now Assos, why should I save this man’s life?”

“I am sure that the Greeks are saying the same thing about the Trojans.” Takis responded ever so gently and calmly. “And Elektra, he saved my life.” The old man gently reminded her yet again. Elektra sighed and turned to face the wagon that the Greek King was laid in. She was still very uncertain if she wanted to save this man's life. She knew that when she did, she would be revealing too much about herself to the Greeks. And they could use that against her. Like they wanted to do with her Prophesies.

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