Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Vampire Muse~ Alessandra flashbackpost (1772)

My chambers were seldom visited except by the ancient Volturi Wives, Aro, Caius and Marcus. But if by chance a person did decide to visit my chambers they would first walk through a corridor richly decorated to depict a road in Ancient Rome. Complete with tiny trees lined up against the walls that were richly decorated with a gentle rolling landscape. When you then entered into my chambers you would have the feeling of walking into an ancient Roman home.

My rooms were richly decorated with artifacts I had managed to save from Ancient Rome. Things I held very dear to me. Walking into my chambers was like walking into a museum. Each item right down to the scrolls I was currently poring over came from Rome. I sat comfortably on cushions I had arranged in the same form they had been in my father’s villa, my dark, velvet cloak was thrown on the titled floor and I was deeply reading the teachings of Vesta when I had heard a gentle knock on my door.

Without waiting for an answer, Aro came through the door, bringing a new vampire, one I had never seen before with golden eyes instead of Red. I did not stand as I should have, but continued to read.

“Alessandra!”Aro called in a cheerful voice and kissed my cheek, completely interrupting my reading.

“Aro.” I said in a flat voice moving the scroll closer to my breast. I did not look up into his face nor the new comers.

“Carlisle don’t you think Alessandra makes a perfect Muse? Isn’t she as lovely as Aphrodite?” The new vampire with his strange golden eyes looked gently at me and seemed at lost as to what to say. A muse was hardly what I was to dear Aro.

“Yes, she is very beautiful.” Carlisle spoke in a strange English accent. Bored, I went back to my scrolls.

“I have a most wonderful project for us to take part in.” Aro said cheerfully as I tried to ignore him.

“What is that?” I asked still absorbed in my scroll.

“You are going be painted as Airtimes and Carlisle shall be portrayed as your brother Apollo. “ I sighed. Couldn’t Aro see that I was busy? This scroll was very important and I had never read it before. It was one I had recently been able to obtain through a series of black mail. The temple in Rome would have had it in their library…

I looked up into my master’s face. He looked so excited that I could not say no to him. I hoped this wouldn’t take too long. I let the scroll float lazily over to the wooden box were the rest of the ancient scrolls gently lay.

Carlisle simply stared at me and at the scroll I had moved with my mind. I ignored him. Stood up and gently smoothed my dress down. “Fine.” I said sounding anything but excited. Modeling in Aro’s ridiculous paintings was nothing new to me. I found the work boring though it was amusing to watch Somlimena’s terrified face as he painted me.

“Wonderful!” Aro said and clapped his hands. He turned on his feet and led us quickly down the hall chattering about the ancient Greek gods and how we both portrayed them. He lead us into the ‘painting room’ as he called it and announced our arrival to Somlimena. Everything was set up in the room as if Aro had this planned for weeks.

I sighed and looked at Carlisle. What a strange name. Very English though. The vampire looked very English. His hair was even golden like mine was sometimes. This was probably why Aro wanted to paint him as Apollo.

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