Monday, February 8, 2010

(Volterra, 1722) Artemis to the Rescue!~ Alessandra Flashback Post

I watched in pure horror as the Volturi wives and Heidi harassed our poor new comer like they did with any other ‘new’ member of the Volturi guard who was a man. Though really I could not blame them for their little sex games. They were after all Etruscans. Etruscans like the Romans loved to have pleasure in bed among other things. Not to mention the fact that this was one of the only things that they were allowed to do. We couldn’t go out like the other guards could, we weren’t permitted to join the fights unless it was serious and we certainly were not allowed outside of the castle without an escort. Silly really, like a human would mess with a stone, cold, beautiful woman who had red eyes. I mean most of us also had talents that we could use to defend ourselves with it. But Aro liked to keep his prizes close at hand.

Carlisle looked over at me with desperation in his eyes I had not seen in a very long time. Most men liked it when women wanted their attention. I sighed. It was very clear that our Akesios was a virgin who wasn’t used to being around women, especially not women with power and titles or married ones who had sex with other men. I gracefully walked over to where Carlisle stood with the wives. Sulpicia was still accosting the poor man.

“Sulpicia, can’t you see that the poor man must have someone else in mind?” I asked. “Go play with Santiago. He wants your attention.” I hissed at the older vampire woman. She turned and set her blazing red eyes on me. For a moment a jealous flicker crossed them.

“Yes, and we’ll let Aro play with you.” She said in defense. I sighed; perhaps I shouldn’t have cornered her.

“Vestia, you cannot have everything, let us have this one.” Athenordoa murmured sweetly in my ear. I glared at her. Perhaps if I had growled at her she would have left me alone. What a sad state, the Volturi women were in. With nothing to do but make enemies out of each other. Well, out of me anyway. I shook my head. Vestia was a name I had not heard in a long time. Did they honestly think I wanted Aro in my bed and in my life day in and day out?

“Come now, Athena, let’s me nice to each other. We are the wives of Aro and Caius.”

“Which… is exactly…” Carlisle began to say. Sully lightly traced another scar on Carlisle’s arm.

“Which is exactly why…” She began. I intervened as Carlisle gave me a look of pure horror.

“Sully, honestly!” I said, and then I gently pulled Carlisle away from Sulpicia’s grip and sighed. I was going to have to play the silly school girl here.

“Oh, is that were the other scar is? My, what a large scar it is too. Did you get it fighting?” I asked as I traced the spot where I found the scar. Carlisle’s brown eyes couldn’t be wider. I chuckled quietly so they couldn’t hear. “ Just play along.” I said. “Eventually they’ll leave you alone.”

“Ye- of course I got it in a fight, with a vampire.” He said, I pulled him closer to me, and gently wrapped my arms around him. I toyed with his hair.

“Oh how, brave! I bet you’ve been in a lot of fights, more than Aro?” I asked.

“I wouldn’t say that.” Carlisle answered. I gently leaned him closer to me. He was so stiff. I smiled sweetly up at him. “I did hunt vampires that is how…”

“Vestie, I can’t believe you!” Sully hissed at me, she strode forward and pulled Carlisle away from me. I sighed. “Isn’t it enough that you stole my husband from me?” She hissed and then turned to face Carlisle; “That is a big scar! Such a brave man.” Was she copying what I said? I shook my head, then, I noticed a large goose feather on a table arranged with several other goose feathers as some decoration.

I gently willed the goose feather over to Sully and watched in delight as it began to trace her outline. Sully squealed in rage and jumped backwards, trying to get away from the feather. I laughed and grabbed Carlisle as soon as I had my chance and pulled him extremely close to my body.

“My dear, shouldn’t wait for a more private place?” He asked clearly horrified at the thought of having sex with me, but desperately willing to play along. I smiled.

“Of course.” I said and began to lead him towards my chambers. Then, like a little school, girl I stuck my tongue out at Sully. Gods this was embarrassing. I was grateful that Aro wasn’t here or my mother for that matter. At least, I hoped her spirit wasn’t here; She would be very disappointed in me.

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