Monday, February 22, 2010

(Volterra, 1722) A display of Telekinetics

St. Carlisle, the Patron Saint of Vampires,” Carlisle muttered ruefully. “My father would be ever so proud.” I stared at him for a moment, then shook my head. I did not understand Aro’s strange new friend. He must not have had a good relationship with his father at all, to speak of him like that. My father was very proud of me when I was chosen to be a priestess of Vesta. But then, it was nearly every parents dream to have their daughter chosen. We were simply lucky that my mother had come from one of Rome’s most influential families. I was even named after the Goddess. Mother had always said she named me after the Goddess because she had a vision of me as a beautiful young woman among the Gods. Perhaps this was what she had the vision of. I hated to think that my mother knew that one day I would be immortal. What kind of pain this must have caused her if she had indeed seen the feature. And if my mother had been a Seer. Why had Aro not chosen to kidnap her as well?

I sighed and turned my attention over to where a small box of my mother’s jewls lay. I had managed to swindle them out of Aro two thousand years ago. I had pleaded with him to let me have a few of my families’ things. And he had agreed. Probably only because he wanted me to be happy with him. Did he understand that these were memories for me? Probably not. I watched as one of my mother’s amber bracelets floated up into the air. It twisted and turned itself in the air as I looked it over. Then, it began to bounce up and down and do a small twisty turn and land in my hand. For a moment, I had forgotten where I was, until I heard a man clear his throat and I jumped, then, closed my eyes.

I had forgotten all about Carlisle Cullen standing in my room, holding my scrolls. He was probably not used to someone, like me being able to move objects with my mind, When I opened my eyes he was staring at me. What was the subject we were having oh yes.

“ St. Carlisle, does seem to suit you. Though the other’s call you that because they are extremely jealous of you. They envy anyone whom Aro deems favorite” I said with another sigh. If we were human and in Ancient Rome, I would have offered Carlisle a cup of my father’s famous wine. But as it was, neither us were human, and we were not in Ancient Rome. I didn’t have that luxury of offering wine to anyone. And the thought of offering blood to drink, didn’t sound elegant either. Not that I was thirsty.

“It was never my intention to become as you say, Aro’s favorite” Carlisle said still staring at me a bit. The bracelet floated back up into the air. I really needed to stop that. Poor Carlisle. I thought sympathetically. As if I wasn’t a bit of an odd person already, he had to now deal with my strange talented gift the one that had gotten in me trouble with Aro in the first place.

“I don’t think you would have been able to help becoming one of his favorites.” I said gently. “You’re very polite for a vampire. And your views are very different. You don’t seem afraid of Aro. Most people, when they meet Aro are very afraid of him because of how very powerful he is. They flaunt over him and tell him exactly what he wants to hear. Even Marcus and Caius do to an extent. But what people don’t understand is that Aro likes those who are not afraid of him.” I carefully said as the amber bracelet jumped around in the air and floated around Carlisle then back to me. I couldn’t help it. When an object was floating in the air and I wasn’t paying it much heed, it tended to do things like that. I smirked at bit as the bracelet floated back into my decorated box. But not before doing one of those twisty, turns I loved doing with it. The bracelet landed in the pile of my mother’s other jewels and for a second acted as if it was going to stay there. Then jumped up in the air and fell back down.

The box then shut itself.

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