Monday, February 22, 2010

(Volterra, 1722) A letter

Francesco Solimena, Aro’s favorite little artist was busy at work on his canvas as Carlisle and I once again stood in our poses. I was growing very bored with the posing. Of course I had not wanted to do this to begin with. I had only agreed to it because I knew how much Aro loved his paintings. And I found that my presence as harmless as it was tormented our poor dear artist and this was always rather amusing. Alessandra de Sismondi was tormenting the great Francesco Solimena. Hahaha.

I glanced over in Carlisle’s direction and then moved my eyes back towards the window. Gods, when was this going to be over? Carlisle didn’t look like he was enjoying himself anymore than I was. At least this time I had managed to grab a book to read in the mean time. I had of course not been able to read it. I didn’t think I would be.

At least I had Santiago to look at. He was rather pleasing to stare at but I wasn’t going to end up like Sully and the rest of the wives and Heidi running after him every waking moment. Even though I knew that’s probably what he longed for. The only Volturi guard to touch me was Aro. Caius was too angry and Marcus too mellow for my taste. I wasn’t even sure if Aro was my type or not. He just was there.

Always there. He stood near Solimena but at a safe distance so that the human wouldn’t feel threatened and watched his every move on the canvas. Admiring the man’s work as Sully stood nearby acting the part of the good little wife. I sighed, and watched the book float up into the air. I was bored.

“Mistress Alessandra.” Solimena stated in a shocked tone. I sighed.

“Yes, Solimena?” I asked. He peered over to Aro and then looked nervously back at me.

“The book is in the air.”

“So it is, is it bothering you?” I asked.

“No of course not.” Solimena stated. I laughed, of course it was, but the poor man was too afraid to say so. I let the book fall to the ground, and sighed again. Bored.

“Vestie, you should really stop tormenting the poor man like that.” Sully said. “Not everyone is used to your strange ways.” Was the woman trying to be friends now or was she simply pretending to be a good wife to Aro? I glared at her.

“I am not tormenting our dear artist.” I said. “If I was, you of all people would know Sully.” I said calmly. And then went back to my staring aimlessly around the room. At least Carlisle was soo much more interesting to converse with and he didn’t seem to hate me the way everyone else did. Oh I was soo sorry that Aro decided to kill my family to make me one of his dear favorites Did they really think that was what I wanted? My attention moved around the room and back to the display of feathers I had tormented Sully with earlier. I giggled as I watched the feathers move back into her direction but Aro held up his hand, and I sighed as I let the feathers move back into their original place.

“Dear Vestus.” I began an out loud letter to my long dead brother.

“I am sorry to say that your dear little twin sister, is very bored at the moment and longing for your company.” I shot Aro a silent glare of which he pointedly ignored. “ She is being forced to pose in a painting of Apollo and Artemis, and while you would have made a perfect Apollo, for we are or were twins, you cannot be here to be that God. So another man has been chosen in your stead.

It seems that all of Volterra thinks that your dear little sister wanted to live a life of immortality without you, and I wish that you would come and tell them otherwise.” I said, Aro cleared his throat and Sully looked horrified. Hah Wouldn’t it be funny if Vestus’ spirit rose from the dead to haunt Aro for what he did to him. Sweet Justice would be had! Carlisle looked rather confused as he had no idea who Vestus was, though I was certain he gathered that the poor man was my brother.

“ I wish you all the best in your After Life,

You’re darling little sister,

Vestia.” I said and shot Aro an ice cold glare.

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