Monday, February 22, 2010

(Volterra, 1722) Symbolic Representation (Alessandra Twilight)

Gods, how long was I going to have to put on this show and why was I being so nice to this strange English Akesios? Aro, seemed happy enough with my show and I motioned Carlisle over to where I sat. He hesitated, then gingerly picked his way through the room and sat near me. He was still very stiff as he sat down and I pulled him a little closer to me. Too close perhaps for his comfort.

“Oh this is wonderful! My two favorite people, who would have ever guessed!” Aro said, turning on his heels. “Don’t let me interrupt you.” He added just before he closed the doors. Once the doors where shut and I could hear Aro’s footsteps at the end of the hall, I sat away from Carlisle. Poor man looked rather disheveled.

“There, now you are saved from Sully. Aro will make sure we are not disturbed. Hell, he’d probably tell all of Volterra if he could.”

“I do not understand what the reasoning is behind all of this.” Carlisle said standing up and moving away from me.

“Aro wants us to be a couple, because in the Volturi, it is always easier for him to keep those he holds dear to him, if they have a lover for some reason. I have no lover, nor do I intend too. And you are a new comer who has no lover…”

“Ah I see.” He said. Now understanding. He went back to my scrolls. The ones I had been so eagerly reading. “These are very fascinating. You do not mind that I read them?” He asked, completely changing the subject.

“No, of course not.” I said. “I will have plenty of time to read them, and as I said, they will give you something to do.”

I didn’t understand this man at all, he was so polite. Perhaps more polite than I was used too. Nor did I understand his strange God. Why should a human or being be cut off from their people if they eat blood? Blood is what sustained us Vampires, and it sustained us even as human beings. We needed our blood to live didn’t we? Ancient Romans had no problems sacrificing animals and even humans to the gods, nor did they in some extreme cases have a problem drinking blood. Though, I had never drunk blood as a human. I shuddered to think of that. I wondered what Carlisle would think of the Ancient Roman’s scarifying.

“So your God is not a Vampire, but yet he drinks blood?” I asked now remembering how earlier conversation before Aro interrupted us.

“No, it’s a symbolic representation.” Carlisle said peering at me from behind the scroll.

“Oh, I see, the Roman Gods had those.” I said.

“Yes and so did the Greeks. Apollo and the Sun.”

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